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Adding symbols to websites to support non readers

This article tells you a little more about a service we are demonstrating to reach people with learnoing disabilities. Non readers have always had limitations in using websites - as a result videoi has been a greta benefit to them - But this solution helps bridge the gap. Its also quite inbteresting as a way of supporting those learning english but with limited vocabulary.

AbilityNet is the first organisation to enhance its website with ‘Point’ symbol support from Widgit. The… Continue

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EU e-Inclusion Workshop Report - Jan 09

Further to the Vienna e-Inclusion conference, the Unit of the European Commission "ICT for Inclusion" organised an information and debate workshop, back to back with the general info day on Call 3 of the Competitiveness and Innovation ICT Policy Support Programme.1 The focus was on the European activities on e-inclusion in 2009 and beyond, particularly with regard to topics that could be supported through the CIP ICT PSP instruments, ad-hoc studies and dissemination actions. This document… Continue

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The Global Economic Downturn, Philanthropy and Nonprofits

An essay on what it means, and what to do by Helmut K Anheier.
Centre for Social Investment, University of Heidelberg & Center for Civil Society, UCLA
January 2009

The Global Economic Downturn, Philanthropy and Nonprofits.doc

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CSR and eInclusion – India as a world leader in IT

NASSCOM 4th Global CSR Conclave, 13th Feb 2009, Mumbai, India.

„Not inclusive development is a zero sum game”- Rufina Fernandez

I was invited by my friend Rufina Fernandes, CEO of NASSCOM Foundation** to attend their 4th Global CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Conclave, during their NASSCOM* Leadership Forum in… Continue

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New AbilityNet Blog - Choosing a Mobile Phone

This is a work in progress leading up to our presentation at the third eaccessibility forum in Paris on March 30. Its the opening of a discussion around Mobile Phones form and function - the factors influencing mobile phone selection amongst disabled users - you can find it for free at

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Telecentre-Europe Overview now in TEN languages, and still more to come!

Hi all

please see below TEN documents that summarise Telecentre-Europe in English, French, Polish, Romainian, Swedish, Serbian, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish, and now Russian. We are developing more as time passes.

Many thanks to those who have translated these documents for us. If anyone is willing to translate into your native language please let us know, it will be most welcome!!




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Community Facilitators Meeting

During the last week of January the CF meeting took place in Esplai Foundation, in Barcelona.

The main objective of this event was to build a team sense among the participants and work on the CF tasks in order to create common criteria and improve our actions by sharing experiences.

Florencio Ceballos and… Continue

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EU Survey of Kids Online Safety

Hi all
please see this interesting summary of kids internet saftey measures across the EU.

UK press story

hope you find it interesting

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LLP Grundtvig application - Employability Toolkit

Hi all

please can I urge you to have a look at the outline proposal and comment or feed back over the next week. After that we will be limited in the changes we will be able to make. We will be looking to the network for dissemination of the product once it has been developed, and therefore it is really important that you feed in if you think it will be something that you will be interested in using.…


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Employability - Grundtvig Application

Telecentre-Europe - Steering Committee is preparing an application for a Grundtvig Programme (LL Call - European Comission). Different entities are working as a consortium to start a project to develope an employability toolkit for Telecentres.

Please, see more information in this group contribution. (You should join the group Telecentres - Employability).

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World Summit Youth Award

Hello everyone,

I'm not sure if WSYA is published at this platform, I checked but couldn't find any info on that. Even if there is, I guess duplication of information is not a problem :)

Internet content developed by young people below the ages 30 to promote UN Millenium Development Goals are invited to apply for the World Summit Youth Award contest.

E-Contents and ICT applications may be submitted in the following five categories, each of which will have three… Continue

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New AbilityNet Podcast - Free

New AbilityNet Podcast - Access to Voting Booths / Best of Bett / Mobile phones

Includes transcripts and shownotes to make this format especially accessible to all

Also available on ITunes !

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New AbilityNet Blog - MP brands dyslexia a ‘fiction’ - AbilityNet Brands Solutions a ‘fact’

New AbilityNet Blog - MP brands dyslexia a ‘fiction’ - AbilityNet Brands Solutions a ‘fact’ - - Reading and writing problems are very real to many people - whatever the reason whythat exists - those of us in this field know that technology can help. This blog article is a useful reminder that many solutions are already built into workstations

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Overall goal: to protect human rights and improve livelihoods of person with disabilities in

developing countries


Reference: EuropeAid/127763/C/ACT/TPS

Deadline for submission of the Concept Notes: 10 February 2009


1. based in an EU member state or in project targeted countries

2. significant organisational resources… Continue

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Accessible Powerpoint - A Simple Guide

I spent the last two days in Brussels looking at CIP funding for ICT and inclusion - throughout the workshops there were many presentations - at one point I was struggling to read the powerpoints and take notes and listen to the speaker when it struck me that many of my problems were caused by poor ease of viewing in the slides. Sligtly bizarre when yiou remember the topics we were there to discuss.

As a result I thought it might be helpful for telecentres to have a quick and easy… Continue

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"New Ways of Youth Participation Based on ICTs", Council of Europe Seminar, March 2009

Dear all,

Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council of Europe is organizing a three days seminar on e participation between 16 and 18 March 2009. The seminar which will be organized at the European Youth Center in Strasbourg is titled "New Ways of Youth Participation Based on ICTs".

As I was vice chair and a member of the previous mandate of the Advisory Council on Youth of the CoE, I am invited to give a speach at the closing session of the seminar.

Hence I… Continue

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UK Prime Minster Gordon Brown supports UK online centres in video address for e-government awards

Prime Minster Gordon Brown has specifically praised the success of the UK online centres network in a speech given this week at the e-Government National Awards. The Prime Minster said: "We must also work hard to ensure that those who still don't use the internet do not get left behind. And one of the big challenges in moving towards a fairer and more equal Britain will be to build on the success of our 6000 UK online centres to train even more people to use the internet." The awards… Continue

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Brussels 26/27 Jan

Anyone in Brussels this Monday and Tuesday for CIP funding briefings

If so do please say hello and lets see if we can work together for accessibility

David Banes
Director of Development

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Windows 7 - Major accessibility improvements

Weve blogged on this at but very quick summary is

Windows 7 beta has some major upgrades to its accessibility options/ease of access

1 Full screen magnification in Magnifier

2 Resizeable on screen keyboard

3 Full word prediction in the On screen Keyboard

4 Multiple profiles now easily managed in Voice recognition

5 Enlarged dispaly settings available from desktop

Very good news and I think… Continue

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Social software for inclusion of (marginalized) young people: be a part of it!

We would like to invite you to be a member of the Advisory Board of the INCLUSO project.

The INCLUSO project is a collaborative action between seven European partners, funded by the European Union in its 7th Framework programme of Research.

INCLUSO aims to deliver a verifiable proof that ICT, and more precisely, social software… Continue

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