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Expo at E-Inclusion Conference

During E-Inclusion Ministerial Debate bloggers also could watch what participating organizations, foundations, companies, etc. prepared and exposed on their stands.


To air my views, everyone made a good joboutstanding and creative ideas how achieve e-inclusion.

It would take too long to write about everyone, so in my own private competition which is very subjective of course, for the most amazing ITC device/service… Continue

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Closing Plenary

“As simple as possible for as many as possible, for an e-government for citizens and business”

said Mr Henrik Hansson , Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications, Sweden. This sentence shows in what way should go ITC development and how make e-inclusion come true.

In summary, exchanging knowledge, cooperation and partnership, new ideas, meeting people’s demands, ICT development and just making things easier – all together… Continue

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Telecentre-europe launched!

The big moment finally arrived! At 16:00 our booth in Vienna was literally overwhelmed with people that were curious to find out what telecentre-europe is about.

Ian Clifford, our hard working co-chair, opened the 'ceremony' introducing the video he had assembled himself and hopefully - Ian said - "it will help you to understand why we are so passionate about what we do".…


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To all the telecentre-europe bloggers at the e-inclusion meeting: Thank you!!!!

I just wanted to thank all the Vienna bloggers for keeping us up to date with the discussions happening at the event. I wasn't able to travel to Vienna and you've provided a bridge for me to be there, not in person but in the discussions. There is no other life feed about the discussions happening in the meeting I could find so your contribution is really appreciated and incredibly important.

Big thanks!! from Seattle and keep up the good work

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"The ethics of e-inclusion" 01.12.2008

By now I know something about economical aspects, and technical as well, so now is time to see e-Inclusion ethic point of view. At first it looks like there is nothing to discuss – every inclusion is negative. Really? Did anyone thought about difference between privacy and inclusion?

Mr Emilio Mordini introduced this problem in highly interesting way.… Continue

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Investing: The Economics of e-Inclusion -was it really about economics???

'e-Inclusion: a social necessity and an economic opportunity' A nice phrase, but what does this mean in reality. Can e-Inclusion really pay its own way? Can it be the lever for sustainable investments? Let the economists and practitioners demonstrate the value of investing in e-Inclusion. That is what I read in programme of conference before the session. But did it really showed what the speakers meant?

Let’s look into two parts of sessions.…


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01.12.2008: e-Accessibility: A Dummies Guide to Web Accessibility

Mr Steven Sintini (CNIPA - National Centre for IT in Public Administration, Project eAccessibility and Public Administration, Italy) presented a very interesting tool that can be used by so called “dummies”;)

Web Accessibility Toolbar
is available to download… Continue

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Inclusion 2020: The Ethics e-Inclusion, Vienna 2008, 2nd day

The first speaker laughed with what he said? Strange? Somehow no one in the hale not amused. The first time I met a session where the speaker, laugh with the things that he said. Nothing in them were not amused. I probably do not understand the message, the communication.

The session was very difficult… Continue

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Availability outruns accessibility

Mr. Rob Sinclair (Director of Accessibility, Microsoft) asked the audience this afternoon whether it had any problems with ICT skills. You would not perhaps expect people to admit that at an e-Inclusion conference. But some did. Rob himself recognised that, no matter how much accessibility we achieve, in the end we cannot keep up with available technology. He asked though whether anybody in the audience believed technological development was likely to slow down. Some hands went up… Continue

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The youngest volunteer from Spain!

Today Bora and me, we met the youngest volunteer trainers from Spain. They are the member of Telecentre Europe and also the youngest participants of E-inclusion Expo! We talked about their project and about their volunteer life.

Cristina and Malena, they are just nineteen years old and they started to work as a trainer when they were sixteen. What a great teenagers! "The Youth Centre La Rueca"… Continue

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Knowledge versus information

Abdul Waheed Khan (Assistant director-general for communication and information, UNESCO) intrigued his audience in the Plenary session this morning with a semantic shift from information to knowledge. We must remember, he said, that knowledge makes a difference in people’s lives, not technology. Instead of talking about information society then, perhaps we should be talking about a knowledge society.

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A small deed done is better than a big deed planned!

This certainly qualifies for the quote of the day. It nearly raised the sober, grey-suited ministerial audience to its feet. Mr. Craig R. Barrett had repeatedly told governments to start investing seriously in education (of which ICT is a part). He said: a small deed done is better than a big deed planned. Thinking about major strategies, we ignore the small steps. Technology is here! Doing small steps at a time will take us where we want to go.

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Is e-Inclusion really worth investing in?

This builds on my earlier post ("Winners and losers"). The question was addressed yesterday to Mr. Craig R. Barrett in the Plenary session. With the painful awareness of current financial and economic difficulties behind, Mr. Barrett said that, based on the three success stories which had just been presented on stage, multimplied by millions world wide, the answer would unashamedly be YES. No matter how good an ideea is, he added, there will always be detractors. But I have a principle: always… Continue

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Exhition Opening Ceremony

At the begining of the ceremony, many impotant ministers spoke in the conference. That was very exiciting for all of the Turkey’s member because this is the first time that we attended to Formal Ministerial Conference. Gujan who is also invited to be reporter, he is the first time to go abroad.

We fit our headphone and we started to listen what they talked about. We just felt as a minister or come from big private company.

They spoke… Continue

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The e-Inclusion debate - 30.11.2008

At 16.45 PM we had an opportunity to attend “E-Inclusion debate”. Subject which had interested me the most was access to high technology for disabled. Disabled are a very specific group of e-inclusion, because it’s not only the matter of teaching people how to use the ITC devices. The problem which has to be solved is to make this technology accessibility for everyone, without any exception. Below are main… Continue

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E-accessibility: A Dummies Guide to Web Accessibility - Vienna 2008, 2nd day

I am interested in the subject, despite all what I do at work. I write and build Web sites for companies, organizations, private citizens. So I appeared on this session ...end enjoyed it.

Presentation by Mr Steven Sintini.

Very important was what he said about, namely: „Wy should we make… Continue

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Be Part of it with being YOUNGG

In the begining of the conference,after prepare our association's stand we met members and staff of telecenter europe, That was very exiciting for us because they invite us,young people, to ministerial conference. It shows, they overrate of our ideas about this conference. So we feel of ourselves so important because of beingg YOUNGG!

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plenary (11:15 1.12.2008r.)

Claus Nielsen has showed a part of video. There is fight old people vs. technology. I think this is the best description of relationship between this part of people and high technology.
My reflection about it is, that we don't listen feadback from old people and we don't know how to help them.

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Winners and losers...

This is sort of a mathematical challenge (for those used to syllogisms): IF e-Inclusion, THEN some win some lose. The very prospect of being true added dramatism to yesterday's plenary Q&A session. The question was addressed to Mr. Craig R. Barrett (Chairman of Intel Board Corporation) and referred specifically to using ITC in aging well programmes. Who might lose out if e-Inclusion is successful in elderly care? Who might be the opponents? After a short pause, as if needing time to answer,… Continue

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Unlikely bloggers...

Yesterday, the moderator openly commended two ministers, Mr. Eric Besson (France's Minister of State to the Prime Minister) and Mr. Erwin Buchinger (Austria's Federal Minister of Social Affairs and Consumer Protection) for blogging. He said this is a great encouragement: if they can do it, anybody can!

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