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Sign Language Dictionary of the Republic of Moldova

On March 30, 2017, in Chisinau was launched Sign Language Dictionary of the Republic of Moldova.

This work was conducted under a project implemented by the Deaf Association of Moldova and Alliance INFONET. The project was funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, SDC.

This work, due to its size and nature, is a valuable premiere in…


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Alliance INFONET has launched a new project on social integration of the deaf people in Moldova

The Alliance of Access to Information and Training Community Centers of Moldova together with the Association of the Deaf of Moldova launched on Wednesday the project “Creation of a Communication Bridges – Approach to Social Integration of Hearing Impaired People” with the financial assistance of the East European Foundation, the Swedish Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Alliance Executive Director Victor Koroli said at the Wednesday’s news…


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UN Moldova awards outstanding human rights actions in 2015

The United Nations in Moldova awarded the most outstanding achievements in the field of human rights in the Republic of Moldova in 2015, during a ceremony broadcast live by public TV Moldova 1 and Radio Moldova.

Organized each year since 2004 on international Human Rights Day, December 10, the UN Gala of Human Rights Awards highlights and awards the most creative, innovative, high-impact and courageous human rights initiatives and actions in Moldova during the past year.



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Participation of people with disability from Moldova in political and public life

Executive summary

The improvement of the quality of life of people with disabilities, their autonomy, safety and dignity cannot be achieved without their participation in political and public life. Our research aims to identify factors that prevent people with disabilities from taking an active part in political and public life, together with permissive factors encouraging them to participate in elections.

The sample of the study…


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Participarea persoanelor cu dizabilitati la viata politica

Creşterea calităţii vieţii persoanelor cu disabilităţi, a autonomiei, securităţii şi demnităţii acestora nu poate fi realizată fără participarea acestora la viaţa politică şi publică. În acest scop, ne-am propus în această cercetare să identificăm factorii restrictivi care împiedică persoanele cu disabilităţi să participe activ la viaţa politică şi publică, alături de factorii permisivi care le încurajează să fie active la alegeri.

Eşantionul cercetării îl constituie 1104 persoane cu…


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American volunteer helps people with disabilities to be more professional developed

Bonita Osborn is a Peace Corp volunteer in Moldova. She came to Moldova last year and she activates in the social enterprise “Flaore de Cires” within NGO Eco Razeni, Razeni village in Ialoveni district, Moldova.

The social enterprise “Floare de Cires” was established in 2012. It has two areas: food services and growing vegetables in greenhouses. The organization began its work by providing social service "social canteen» (there are 24 beneficiaries of this service - old and…


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A demarche for accessibility to vote of people with disabilities

Most times, people with disabilities have the opportunity to vote in polling stations because there is good accessibility to buildings... Elections are held at intervals of every two years. Kindergartens, schools, libraries, community centers are places where polling stations are organized and these are public institutions. If these places are made more accessible, people with disabilities will benefit from their services every day.…


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NOVATECA will change the library and the community

We are very happy to share with you our big news: Public Library Crihana Veche has been selected with in NOVATECA program to benefit from modernization and training and have received five high performance computers, printers, headsets and webcams. Thus, we have the opportunity to provide the local community with free Internet accessand developnew services for users.

NOVATECA is a pilot program developed with support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, IREX and…


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Intercession for an inclusive society

Ion Balan is the administrator of Stefanesti Community Center, Floresti district. Every day he makes about 5 km to work and back home no matter whether it rains, is windy, or storming outside…The kids are waiting him at the community center…His family owns a car, but Ion cannot use it legally, although he has been able to drive since 2008…

Ion Balan is a person with physical disabilities. Doctors diagnosed him with Infantile Cerebral…


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The happy end of tragic story that started back in 1953

This story goes back to 1953, a year of radical changes in the Soviet Union. Its roots are to be found in Aleksandrovka, a small Russian village lost in the forests of central Russia in Samara Region. The New Year was being celebrating at the 7-form school located in the homestead of a former Russian landowner. The holiday reached its peak when presents were handed to first-form pupils and I was among them. It should be said that it was the first festivity when we were handed presents after…


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Prize for courage, prize for openness and access to information

Within the campaign Get Online 2013! We bring Moldova Online Together!, INFONET Alliance awarded a prize for openness and access to information to the mayoralty of the village Iordanovca for their ambition and courage.

Iordanovca is a small village in the southern Basarabeasca district with a population of only 950, of whom 17.68 per cent have left for abroad looking for a job.

After “scanning the environment” it was ascertained that over 90 per cent of Iordanovca residents had…


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The Internet makes you look at life with different eyes…

For some people the computer and the Internet mean an additional element of everyday life, whereas for other people these represent a chance, a hope and a way to feel part of society.

Ion, Elena and Mihai Bocancea from Moldova (Taraclia village, Causeni district) are three brothers aged 43, 38 and 37 respectively. Unfortunately, from early adolescence they have been suffering from progressive muscular dystrophy/ myopathy - a genetic muscular disease in which the muscle fibers do not…


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Virtual classroom

An experiment called “The virtual class” has started at the high school “Mihail Sadoveanu” http://liceusadoveanu.wordpress.com in Calarasi town, Republic of Moldova .

The experiment has the following objectives:

A. To ensure better communication between teachers and students, and between students (chemistry).

B. To save paper by posting online students’ works.

C. To ensure better promotion of the developed didactic…


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Happy grandmother

Maria Brasoveanu, an employee of the Health Care Centre in Crihana Veche, has been frequently using our library since 2004. Being invited to training courses on information and communication technologies, she showed interest in learning new things. The computer and Internet help her feel happy and satisfied, particularly now that she has become a gramndmother. …


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