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You’re invited to a party – the Maker Party!

From June 15 to September 15, our friends at Mozilla are hosting a global party dubbed the “Maker Party” which celebrates the amazing things we all can make and learn, thanks to the web. During this period, people across the globe will meet up at great events, learn and make cool stuff, then share it online with the rest of the world.


This year,…


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Telecentres bring the countries closer - Moldovan-Korean Center for Information and Access

The Moldovan-Korean Center for Information and Access was opened in August 2012 in Chisinau city, Moldova. The center represents the cooperation between National Information Society Agency from Korea and Ministry of Information Technologies from Moldova.

The Moldovan-Korean Center for…


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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s 2014 Access to Learning Awards

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s 2014 Access to Learning Award to libraries and organizations in your network.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s annual Access to Learning Award (ATLA) recognizes the innovative efforts of public libraries and similar institutions…


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Spark13 ignites new beginnings

It’s been a few weeks now since Spark13, the 4th Global Forum on Telecentres, commenced in Granada, Spain. Since our kick off of the 2-day affair at the Palacio de Congresos last May 28, 2013, we wanted to give you some updates on the conference.


By many measures, the event was a resounding success, with more than 1,100 attendees from six regions across the…


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How entries fared in the Global Telecentre Awards Online Voting

The results of the 1st Global Telecentre Awards (GTA), including the online voting, are out. If you didn’t catch it, you may check it out here. And if you’re wondering how each of the finalists fared in the online voting, we’re publishing the results here.

From April 15 to May 15, we gave the members of our online communities in English, Spanish,…


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Telecentre Infographic Now Available in Multiple Languages

Last month, Foundation debuted an infographic on telecentres that we created to provide a visual description on telecentres and…


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TCF announces partnership with ChangeCorp Foundation (TCF) and ChangeCorp announced today, May 28, 2013, a partnership between the two organizations for the benefit of telecentre women across the globe.

In a brief segment at the Spark 13 conference (also known as the 4th Global Forum on Telecentres) in Granada, Spain, TCF’s Director of Operations Tess Camba and ChangeCorp CEO…


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Help teach the world the web!

Mozilla is a non-profit with a mission to make the web more open, and they believe learning and education play a huge role in accomplishing that. They're spearheading a global Maker Party campaign from June 15 to September 15 that is all about spreading digital literacy and celebrating the amazing things we can make and do thanks to the web. They are looking for local leaders (technologists, educators, government officials, volunteers, parents, etc.) to host community…


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Telecentres: Providing the 'Spark' for global community engagement

The image of telecenters as Internet cafés where people play games and surf the web or places with only a few dusty old computers is outdated. Today, telecenters increasingly serve as hubs for local innovation and entrepreneurship — as a powerful channel for the distribution of services with positive social impact.

The 4th Global Forum on Telecenters, or “…


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#EmpoderArte: An exhibit where you are the artist

Cibervoluntarios Foundation has launched an initiative called EmpoderArte, a collaborative photo exhibition about technology as a means for generating social innovation and citizen empowerment.

Through this open call, each person becomes an artist and at the same time becomes a real example of the concept of citizen empowerment with his/her participation. This is done by sharing photos on various social…


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TCF hosts workshop at WSIS Forum 2013 Foundation (TCF) hosted a thematic workshop on “Enabling Innovation at the Grassroots through Telecentres” at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) last May 13-17, in Geneva, Switzerland.

The workshop was organized jointly by TCF, in collaboration with the Government of Catalunya, Spain, and the Gedaref…


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Infographic on telecentres now available

If you’ve ever had to explain to other people what a 
telecentre is, what we do, or why we do it, then we have just the tool for you! Foundation (TCF) has developed a simple infographic that gives a brief primer on telecentres, telecentre networks, and…


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World Pulse partners with TCF for Telecentre Women

World Pulse and Foundation (TCF) have recently entered into a partnership agreement that intends to support the digital empowerment of grassroots women worldwide. The agreement, which was finalized last April 22, 2013, aims to equip women with digital literacy skills and enable their…


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Find out which telecentres from Europe are Global Telecentre Awards semifinalists!

Here’s your chance to show your support for your favorite entries in the 1st Global Telecentre Awards.

Online voting is now open at Foundation’s online community sites in English,…


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E-Learning course “School of the Community Leader” in Moldova

Foundation "Education for Democracy" from Poland, RITA program in partnership with the Alliance of Access to Information and Training Community Centers, Moldova announce enrollment of participants in…


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Launch of Digital Map DiasporaMD in Moldova

The Alliance of Access to Information and Training Community Centres  participate actively at the Get Online Week 2013.

In partnership with Hilfswerk Austria International launched the digital map called…


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Annual meeting of Telecentre-Europe members - 14-15 February, Paris

On 14–15 of February the Annual meeting of Telecentre Europe members took place at the Microsoft office in Paris. Representatives of 24 networks gathered together in order to make a summary of done activities and to establish new strategical directions of…


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Training for the digital inclusion of the rehabilitation centers for children and youth with SEN in Moldova

During 7th and 8th December 2012 - Hilfswerk Austria in Moldova NGO held a practical workshop entitled "Information and Communication Technologies for the digital Inclusion of the rehabilitation centers for children and youth with SEN on both banks of the Dniester River" within the project "Consolidation of…


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The Global Libraries program goes very well in Moldova

Twelve regional libraries in Moldova became the first telecentres to become part of the Global Libraries program. A Memorandum of understanding with twelve libraries was signed.

Since the start of this programme, the organizers did some thorough thinking about how to organize training and how to ensure the…


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