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Meeting All Digital Week 2021 in Lithuania

In March for the 12th time, LANGAS I ATEITI  will lead All Digital Week campaign in Lithuania.

This year LANGAS I ATEITI will focus on lifelong learning skills which help us work, learn, and live better – digital skills.

Lifelong learning is a significant step towards professional advancement. Today, when we face digital transformation and the world is constantly evolving it is crucial for employees to keep up with the fast pace of the work…


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How are world-changing start-up ideas born?

Generating an idea, thinking over its implementation, and starting to resolve societal problems. This is what the hackathon format was used for more than 20 years ago in the IT world. Today, it is used as a means to quickly generate new solutions for resolving a variety of problems – and the best examples become multi-million euro start-up companies. The hackathon series initiated by the project Connected Lithuania - Society-changing…


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Life Long Learning and Librarians

The role of the librarian in the digital age has greatly changed when libraries next to the books were equipped with computers, audio books, software for creativity, etc. All these changes demanded digital literacy skills for librarians first of all.  In the past 15 years it has become a rule to consult with the librarian not only about literature but ask questions and advice re or PC usage. For this reason, LLL by Lithuanian librarians has become crucially important and…


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What was the primary goal of this project?

To offer a platform for public servants to test and improve their digital skills. These competences are crucial when high quality digital services are needed (especially in times like the COVID-19 pandemic).

Why was such platform needed?

  • In the International Civil Service Effectiveness Index (InCiSE, 2019) Lithuania is 36 out of 38 OECD…

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Project Connected Lithuania invited 100 teachers to deliver training courses online

Coronavirus has affected the educational process worldwide, which resulted in various adult training courses interruptions. However, the need to acquire knowledge has not disappeared, therefore Connected Lithuania training courses have been moved online, where its benefits can be discovered by people who spend time at home. Online shopping, online banking, and online payments have become especially popular recently. According to the estimates of the project…


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All Digital Week 2020 Online in Lithuania!

This year, for the 11th time, Langas I ateiti coordinated All Digital Week activities in Lithuania. However, it was the first time we had to organize the initiative online only, and it was a great risk to miss the campaign due to Coronavirus restrictions. But we tried our best and together with partners achieved our goal to organize a campaign, which encouraged people to use the internet and discover how many different activities are offered online. A lot of…


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Safer Internet Week 2020 in Lithuania

Safer Internet Week 2020, which comes to an end today, once again joined forces across Lithuania to work "Together for a better internet". The aim is to promote a responsible, respectful, critical and creative use of digital technologies. In 2012 Langas į ateitį initiated European Safer Internet Day to prolong into Safer Internet week.

For two months we were busy preparing for the campaign…


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It is Not Just About Books – 30,000 Lithuanians Discovered the Advantages of the Internet in the Local Library

At the end of 2019 it has been announced that in eight months over 30, 000 adult participants took part in CONNECTED LITHUANIA digital literacy training in public libraries. Trainings were offered to non-users and unskillful users, and the oldest participant was a 92-year-old library visitor!

Free digital skills training…


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Lithuanian National Campaign 'Senior‘s Week Online 2019' sets new records

In October 2019, over 18,000 participants joined Lithuanian National Campaign “Senior‘s Week Online 2019”. In comparison to the last year, the project CONNECTED LITHUANIA campaign has grown by more than 67%, which confirms that seniors are interested and eager to learn how to use s…


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Best practice adapted in the project CONNECTED LITHUANIA


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All Generations Understand the importance of Digital Literacy Skills

CONNECTED LITHUANIA project increases the pace. After 3 national campaigns run, 500 digital leaders selected and a lot of administration job done, one of the main project activities – digital literacy training in public libraries has recently started by the project implementer association Langas į ateitį.

Digital literacy training is expected to involve 100,000 adult participants from all municipalities of the country. Everyone interested can join a…


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ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 in Lithuania

The Association Langas į ateitį for the 10th time organized ALL DIGITAL Week in Lithuania.  This year we decided to tackle one of the most important topics – technologies in education. Digital competences and ICT usage are essential for everyone in the 21st century. Schools and teachers must be ready to give pupils access to digital technologies as early as…


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The place where WIFI can be found easier than water

Did you know that Lithuania has one of the fastest internet in the world? Moreover, WIFI can be found easier than water? You can find it not just in the coffeeshops or malls but in the public transport or just in the middle of the street. 

Probably, now you are thinking that everyone in Lithuania is using the Internet, as it is so easy to do it. Well, the numbers are not so exciting. About 20 % of Lithuanians have never used the Internet and 30% have just …


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