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Telecentre-Europe's Impact Assessment Survey - Please participate and help us disseminate!

Telecenters play a key role in promoting e-Inclusion goals among marginalized groups. Thousands of such actors around Europe work diligently to equip these groups with the necessary digital competences to participate more actively in the knowledge society.

Despite the important role that telecenters play in advancing eInclusion and other social goals little is known about the different efforts…


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EU Digital Competitiveness Report | Includes country profiles w/Statistics

The statistics don't show percentage of people who have participated in in ICT skills training. An oversight considering that the numbers are readily available in EUROSTATS Information Society Indicators.

Summary of Report as described in

This annex to the Europe's Digital Competitiveness Report 2010 presents country-level results for 50 benchmarking indicators for which up-to-date data are available. Profiles are provided for each Member…

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Europe's Digital Agenda

Improving digital literacy and skills - one of the top priorities of the Digital Agenda

"Europe is suffering from a growing professional ICT skills shortage and a digital

literacy deficit. These failings are excluding many citizens from the digital society

and economy and are holding back the large multiplier effect of ICT take-up to

productivity growth. This requires a…

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epractice workshop | Community Facilitators June 16th 2010

Interesting event for the members of the TE network - Info follows


This workshop entitled “ePractice Community facilitators” is an initiative supported by the European Commission and will be held on June 16, 2010 in Brussels.

The Workshop will support…


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New study | Immigrant women, e-Skills and Employability in Europe: The case of Hungary, Italy, Romania, Spain, and the Netherlands

The study examines the effects of non governmental organizations (NGO) e-skills training programs on the employability and social inclusion of immigrant women in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Romania (as a source country). This study investigates the social and economic trajectory of five hundred and thirty women who have received e-Skills training and employability support services in thirty-two NGOs. It provides insights into the challenges facing immigrant…


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To all the telecentre-europe bloggers at the e-inclusion meeting: Thank you!!!!

I just wanted to thank all the Vienna bloggers for keeping us up to date with the discussions happening at the event. I wasn't able to travel to Vienna and you've provided a bridge for me to be there, not in person but in the discussions. There is no other life feed about the discussions happening in the meeting I could find so your contribution is really appreciated and incredibly important.

Big thanks!! from Seattle and keep up the good work

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Shortlist for e-inclusion awards

This is the list of the finalists for the e-inclusion awards

I hope many of the organizations members of Telecentre-Europe are listed there

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Call for proposals | EU Study Analysis of e-Inclusion Impact

This could be a great opportunity for collaboration among network members and researchers. Read below


Study Analysis of e-Inclusion Impact (SMART 2008-0065)

(Deadline: 01/09/2008) The subject of the contract is to provide an assessment aimed to test expected outcomes resulting from digital inclusion, such as: empowerment of individuals to use ICT to better participate in the economy hence with an effect on employability and entrepreneurship ; the value for… Continue

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Lessons from Riga | Networks are about personal relations and trust

There are so many interesting things that happened during these two days of the Telecenters Forum... many lessons and ways for the network to move forward. The most relevant learning I am taking with me back to Seattle is that networks are about people who care for each other personally, first and foremost.

It is difficult to convey in few words how relevant this lesson is. Networks, as a form of organization, do not provide much value if personal relations, trust, and care for each other… Continue

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Telecenter Leaders Forum in Riga | Building a network for collaboration in Europe

My work has brought me once again to this wonderful city for a gathering of Telecenter leaders representing almost every country in the European Union + some others. The effort to bring together organizations from around the EU working on e-inclusion programs started last year in Barcelona. In this second meeting of this nascent EU telecenters network these organizations will discuss ways to strengthen collaboration, establish venues to learn from each other, and find a common voice to promote… Continue

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