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Amy Mahan Research Fellowship Program - is happy to announce the launch of the Amy Mahan Research Fellowship Program to Assess the Impact of Public Access to ICT, a capacity-building component of the Global Impact Study named in honor of Amy Mahan, a dear friend and partner. This fellowship will award up to 12 Research Fellowships to teams of emerging scholars from developing countries in Africa… Continue

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Some weeks ago we announced the Photo Contest organised by It is still running, and differents contribuitions are collected under this photo album:

It is interesting to see how telecentres work in different conditions and situations around the world. If you are interested in participating, you still have time!

We will keep you updated about the judging process and… Continue

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Photo Contest - is organizing the FIRST PHOTO CONTEST!

Photos make up a major form of content at the website. And because photos have a story of their own to tell, is organizing the very first photo contest in the English website.

The contest will run from August 17 to September 17, 2009.

As with the recently concluded blog contest, the team hopes to encourage and inspire… Continue

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An open window in Omnia’s Network

Omnia is a network created by the Catalan Government to work on social inclusion and community development using ICT as the main vehicle. The first Omnia’s telecentre was opened 10 years ago and Esplai Foundation was involved in the growing process since the very beginning until now.

A group of professionals of Esplai leads the Community Facilitator Office (helpdesk) that provides methodological support and analyses the… Continue

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New contributions in Telecentre-europe Resources section

There are interesting and new contributions in the Resources section:

- In Training Materials there is a Handbook on Digital Inclusion (thanks to David Banes)

- In Management Tools there are different documents that inform about how to set up a Radio Station (thanks to Roger Harris -

In the Off Topic category you can find the Telecentre-europe Executive Summary in many different languages.

I recomend… Continue

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How to Become a Local Cisco Academy?

There is an interesting blogpost in about Cisco Academies writen by

Moataz A. Shaarawy (a social entrepreneur who believes in ICT knowledge-sharing for social change; He has for a long time been interested in community development and helping youth to gain education and to find employment, Mr.… Continue

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The Independent-Bosch Technology Horizons Award

Karim Kasim provided the following information:

The Independent-Bosch Technology Horizons Award

For those who work with people aged between 14 and 24 this award could be really interesting.

How can technology and engineering provide innovative solutions to today's global challenges?

If you… Continue

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There are valued contributions in I wanted to highlight here:

- A discussion named Professionalizing Telecenter Operators ! How can it be done ?

I would recommend to read some of the contributions where documents and handbooks are available.

- Silvia Caicedo… Continue

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Community Facilitators Meeting

During the last week of January the CF meeting took place in Esplai Foundation, in Barcelona.

The main objective of this event was to build a team sense among the participants and work on the CF tasks in order to create common criteria and improve our actions by sharing experiences.

Florencio Ceballos and… Continue

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CONTENT FACILITATORS MEETING - 27-30th January is organizing a Content Facilitator meeting in Barcelona, in Esplai Foundation headquarters.
I am really happy for it, not only because it is a really interesting chance to contact, share and exchange ideas and experiences, but because this kind of meetings generate always a direct impact to the communities.

I am really excited about it, and I will collect the best ideas to share with you all.

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“Surf the net- Think privacy” - VIDEO COMPETITION

Hello Everybody,

There is an interesting Video Competition!

For those of you involved with centers working with youth 15-19 years old who are from EU member states, below might be nice opportunity. Deadline is rapidly approaching, but apparently no/very few entries to date. I’ve heard among the prizes are an X-box (as well as trip to Brussels J). Note the “twinning” or multi-country category!

Check the webside:

Good… Continue

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