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Digital inclusion of seniors through intergenerational support

“To be honest,  I feel embarrassed for knowing so little  about computers, for example whenever I go to the library I have to ask people working there to help me find the book I need… I just feel so ignorant”, said an elderly lady at the start of the ICT course held in IAN Telecentar, Serbia.

Learning and using information and communication technologies by the elderly is seen as an important demand for their integration in daily life and as a factor related to…


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Call for establishing new Telecentre Multimedia Academies

The TMA Consortium, consisting of eight European partners and coordinated by Telecentre-Europe, is inviting organisations outside the Consortium to establish new Telecentre Multimedia Academies. It is an open and free possibility for adult education providers or other organisations dealing with media literacy programmes to establish own Academy.

The TMA Consortium is implementing…


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How to use Unite IT portal

Download infographic

"Unite IT portal"

 Watch a short movie “How to use Unite IT portal”

(with subtitles)…


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Webinar on 17 July: ICT and Persons with Disabilities

The Vulnerable groups of the Unite IT Network is holding its first webinar on Thursday 17 July 2014, at 11h-12h30 CET.


More than a billion people live with some form of disability, and 80% of them live in developing countries. Disability is both a cause and a consequence of poverty: poor people are more likely to become disabled, and people with disabilities are among the poorest and most vulnerable groups of the global population.…


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Call for piloting media literacy programme for adult learners

The TMA Consortium, coordinated by Telecentre-Europe, consisting of eight European partners is inviting organisations outside the Consortium and potentially from other countries to…


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"I have never used computers before, but now I'm employed!"

Within the project „Libraries for a New Age” IAN, Serbia and Vinkovci City Library, Croatia, developed capacities of seven libraries in Serbia and Croatia. Through building technical capacities of libraries and providing relevant education to librarians these libraries are now a valuable community resource for provision of tailor-made education programs especially acting as e-facilitators. After the…


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ICT as a career chance for persons with disabilities

The Primary and Secondary School Milan Petrović in Novi Sad, Serbia, is one of the probably best-equipped and best organised schools for students with physical and mental disabilities in Serbia. The children here can rely on the comfort of the latest technologies and highest standards, which certainly helps them receive excellent education, as well as an opportunity to live independently and with dignity. The school was a partner of the Serbian Get Online Week 2014 campaign,…


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Collaboration leads to social integration

Support to people with disabilities in using ICT is of key importance for their successful social integration and for improvement of their quality of life in general. During the Get Online Week, on 27 March 2014, first grade pupils of the primary school Ljupce Petrovic from Aleksinac, Serbia, visited Toys Library, premises of the local association of persons with mental disabilities.

Children lead by their teacher helped the members of this association learn how to…


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Working group "Vulnerable groups at risk of exclusion"

Within the 6th Telecentre Europe’s annual summit held on Malta four group sessions were held. The working group Vulnerable groups at risk of exclusion discussed how new technologies can improve the status of vulnerable groups. There were nine participants from the following countries: Denmark, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Hungary and…


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GOW 2013 story from Serbia: "Let's all be online"

With the goal of promoting digital literacy among all generations, during the Get Online week 2013, the Primary school  “Isidora Sekulić“ from Pančevo, Serbia opened its doors for the oldest members of the community.

The pupils of the sixth grade organised a workshop Let`s all be online where they trained their grandmothers and grandfathers to…


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Silver surfers conquer new spaces

With the aim of promoting active aging as well as intergenerational solidarity, the International Aid Network (IAN) organized a competition for grandparents and grandchildren in using computers to search the internet. The competition was organized in Belgrade, Serbia, as a part of a larger project called Silver Surfers.

“One cannot do anything to…


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ICT in a prison

Since November 2011, IAN has been conducting computer courses for inmates in the women’s prison of Serbia, in Pozarevac.

The initiative for providing this training came from the Head of the women’s prison, who recognized the importance of educating and professionally empowering the…


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International Conference eInclusion, Belgrade, 2011

International Aid Network (IAN), an NGO from Belgrade, in collaboration with the Spanish NGO – Esplai organized a joint conference which took place on the 24th and 25th of May 2011, and was devoted to e-inclusion as part of the program called "Click to Europe". Aim of this…


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Kids Internet Safety

Within the joint project Click to Europe, supported by the European Union and Microsoft, IAN Telecentar and Esplai have organised a campaign for Internet safety day aimed at increasing safety of children on the Internet.


Within the…


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Representatives of the Serbian nongovermental organisations and govermental Team for Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction visited telecentres in Romania

This two-day study visit organised by IAN International Aid Network and EOS gathered eight representatives of local NGOs and Government of the Republic

of Serbia. The team

visited four telecentres in Temisoara and nearby towns. First, the team was

welcomed by Gabi Barna, EOS Romania director, Cornelia Popescu, eCentre network

Project Manager and Alina Zamfir,…


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Creating a partnership project „Click to Europe“, a Serbian NGO International Aid Network (IAN) and Esplai from Spain have joined their strengths…


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Serbia celebrated e-Skills Week and Get Online Day

From 1st till 5th March IAN Telecentar celebrated e-Skills week and Get Online Day in Serbia. Within the e-Skills Week IAN Telecentar opened its door to all interested citizens for free-of-charge ECDL testing. All people who passed at least one exam got free ECDL indexes. In addition, during the…


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