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Digital Marathon in Volgograd, Russia

The IT for Youth Project center based in the Volgograd State Agricultural University celebrated the ALL DIGITAL Week with the Digital Marathon that started in the university and spread to schools and children's centers in Volgograd and the region.

The goal of…


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Let’s Jam! It's time to create Virtual Reality Worlds

 Among an incredible diversity of exciting and inspiring events provided by the Togliatti State University within the tenth ALL DIGITAL Week, the first Hackathon on Creating Web based virtual reality (VR) apps (Web VR Jam) was an absolute hit!

 The hackathon targeted…


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Information Technology is Opening Up New Avenues for Deaf People

For most kids at the Kaliningrad boarding school for deaf and hard of hearing children, the first language is Sign Language.  However, they have no trouble discovering the world of information technology, mainly because this world is deaf-friendly.

On 31 March 2019, as part of European ALL DIGITAL Week, the Kaliningrad IT for Youth…


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Robotics Competitions is the Ideal Launching Pad for Creating Future Innovators

ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 in the Russian Ursk (a remote Siberian village) after-school coding club was highlighted with the Robotics Competition for junior schoolchildren. The participants experimented with logic ideas using LEGO WeDo kits.

To celebrate ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 with young coders, a Computer Science…


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Welcome to Scratch!

The IT for Youth project training center based in the Tomsk regional library started ALL DIGITAL Week with a series of Scratch training events for junior and middle schoolchildren to enable them to gain new skills and…


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MOOC for Learning to Code

What is the best way to learn coding?  Over 1,000 participants, who benefited from the opportunity to learn seven popular programming languages during the Week of Code on MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) created by the Togliatti State University lecturer, would surely recommend MOOC!

The Week of…


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Embracing the Online World

The ALL DIGITAL Week became a significant event in most regions of Russia, from Kaliningrad through Komsomolsk-on-Amur, enabling over 30,000 people irrespective of age, gender, physical ability, or socio-economic status, to access the opportunities the digital world offers, and acquire and/or increase their digital skills they need to fully participate in society.



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ALL DIGITAL Week in the Russian Province

The Volgograd region was a great example of the ALL DIGITAL Week  success in Russia. On 19-25 March 2018,  63 libraries of the region hosted 113 events for school children and their parents, students, teachers, and senior citizens.  Over 1,800 people from 11 districts and remote rural areas attended seminars, interactive…


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Enhancing Digital Skills through Arduino Programming

The IT4Youth project Center based in the Ulyanovsk State University offered a diverse program for school kids of various ages, interests, social and educational backgrounds within the ALL DIGITAL week. During the first three days of the Week the team of trainers and student volunteers organized and held a series of training courses on coding…


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The third edition of the Hour of Code campaign in Russia was celebrated on December 5-12, 2016. The week-long initiative was supported by the leading Russian IT companies, Microsoft as well as the Ministry of ICT and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation that brought it to the National level.

The campaign became the biggest educational event in…


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How to Run an Hour of Code Campaign

The How to run an Hour of Code was one of the workshops during the…


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Coding Clubs Festival in Russia

To inspire school kids to gain such useful skills as learning about computational thinking, problem solving, designing and collaboration, PH International with its IT4Youth project launched the after-school coding club network in Russia. It started…


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Building Partnerships to Extend E-skills Training

The electronic resource center of the Kemerovo Regional Academic Library joined the network of the Tvoy Kurs Computer Literacy Centers in 2010. Through participation in the project, the center has opened up new opportunities and…


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"I can now speak through the Internet!"

“Love of life is stronger than silence” is an appropriate description for Elena Karpova (Krasnoufimsk, Russia). When meeting this cheerful and remarkable lady, it’s hard to believe that she has been deaf and dumb from birth. Due to work requirements, she only used a computer for the first time at forty, but it quickly grew into a real passion.



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Volunteers to Train Deaf Users

In June 2012, the Archangelsk Tvoy Kurs Center held a three day workshop for volunteer trainers with good knowledge of sign language, as they will be facilitating the Digital Literacy courses for people with hearing impairments in Archangelsk…


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