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My visit to Białystok, Poland

After the conference in Krakow, I was off to the Nord-east of Poland, where Responsible Business Institute (RBI) runs its “Community Computer and Education Centers” in… Continue

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Some real work has been done!

Dear all,

Two weeks have passed since my last update, so there is a lot to tell here.

New members

The "email harassment campaign" we organized for getting all Riga participants on board of was a huge success. Operation "Show up!" - as we called our computer game - succeeded in convincing 9 Riga participants to sign up on our community site:… Continue

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telecentre-europe: networking telecentres in Europe

I was invited by Ravi Gupta to write an article for They asked me to focus on an overview of telecentre-europe and the recently concluded Telecentres Leaders Forum in Riga, in about 2500 words.

So I grabbed different documents, reports and blogposts written on the telecentre-europe process and on Riga, and "puzzled to fit" the underneath text.… Continue

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On top of the momentum

Dear community members,

We are 4 weeks away from Riga and the global telecentre community is impressed about the way we europeans succeed in "keeping up the momentum" through our virtual existence at

So here comes like a kind of "resume" of why everybody is so excited about us :)

Community's member increase

We are going at a rythm of 9 new members a week now. 4 more Riga participants joined:… Continue

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Our community's activity is breaking a record!

Hi again everybody,

As your weekly reporter, I am sending you this week’s update of our community’s activity.

Member count

Since my last update, 8 new members joined our online community on, which makes a total of 56 signed in members. Those that didn’t join yet and want to stay in touch with the community should sign up soon!

From the 56 members that joined our online space, 15 members were not at the Riga conference, these… Continue

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Update on the community's activity

Hello everybody,

As your communication facilitator, I will send you a weekly update of what's going on in our community!

Social network site

Our online community is definitely becoming a big success. Since my last update, 14 more members joined which makes a total of 48 people signed in now on "ning". Those that haven't joined yet: please do and be at the heart of what's going on!

The rythm was too fast to kindly welcome and present each member.… Continue

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Our online community is growing fast!

Hello all,

Let me introduce myself to all of you. I am Lize De Clercq, assigned by and Esplai Foundation to be your online communication facilitator. (Those that were at the Telecentre Leaders Forum in Riga will certainly remember me as lize-the-cameragirl.) This blogpost is a little report on the community’s activity of last week:

Back home from the Telecentre Leaders Forum in Riga, a lot of participants inmediately signed in as a member of… Continue

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