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Fast track to IT in Lithuania

Lithuania is one of six EU countries which recently started  implementing training-for-employment initiative focusing  on ICT skills according to Fast Track to IT methodology developed by non-profit organization FIT Ltd in Ireland.

Over 16500 young people have accomplished this training in Ireland and 75% of them have progressed to employment. Recently…


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First impression first, personality – later. GOW2015 in Lithuania

Kind of  rumors are wandering around in the jungles of internet. They say current teenagers have posted so many questionably moral things already that by the time they will look for a job they will need to change their real names hiding young age monkey business online. Is it true? How can we prevent this?

Familiar =…


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NGO Connection Day 2015 in Lithuania

In the beginning of February association Langas I Ateiti together with Microsoft organized the 6th annual NGO Connection Day 2015 in Lithuania. This year effective cloud computing services for NGOs, organization data security and opportunities for NGOs during new EU Programming period 2014-2020 were in the spotlight.



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Lithuanian, Latvian and Croatian e-facilitators experience an intergenerational learning methodology (ILBES)

E-Facilitators broaden their professional horizons learning new ways of building communities in telecenters. 15 representatives from 8 Lithuanian, Latvian and Croatian organizations were invited to get familiar with recently developed Intergenerational Learning in Blended Environments and Spaces (ILBES) methodology.

The approach of…


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Independent life start-up

Currently association Langas I Ateiti is in the process of nice initiative in Lithuania. Together with organizations “Save the children”, “Gordian Knot” as well as socially responsible IT Company “CSC Baltic” Langas I Ateiti is developing entrepreneurship skills to foster home leavers, 16-18 y.o. children. The idea of this project is to provide children with useful…


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Digital industry - a key solution of youth unemployment problem

Author: Hana Galogaža (Rijeka, 2014)

Seven European organizations have found the key to youth unemployment – they will conduct a research on the implementation of the Digital Agenda in the countries in which they operate and on the basis of research they will write the guidelines for…


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New technologies adaptation in the traditional treatment process

This autumn the physical and occupational therapists from Children's Rehabilitation Sanatorium “Saulutė” based in Druskininkai had extraordinary opportunity to try the Kinect for Windows motion-based playful learning solution in children with motor and intellectual disabilities…


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Project Empowering e-Facilitators Gains Its Momentum

Just before a new work and TV season came hand in hand  with September the international project Trans e-Scouts team met for the second time. Hosted by Croatian partner Telecentar, the meeting was greatly worth-participating because of two reasons: first - a lot of activities  had been accomplished since the last time, many topics had to be discussed and the second…


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Intergenerational learning practices are being spread to European countries

Recently the transfer of successful innovation was started to implement in Croatia, Latvia and Lithuania. This project is being coordinated by Spanish partners (D-O-T & Esplai) and the good practice from former project “e-Scouts – intergenerational learning circle for community” is being adapted to the new…


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Adult learners from 7 European countries testing new Multimedia learning pathway

7 groups of adult learners from European countries are testing the brand new learning material developed for acquiring multimedia skills. The pilot training courses were organized in the frame of international Telecentre Multimedia Academy (TMA) project, initiated by e-inclusion actors across Europe united by the Telecentre Europe.



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Engaging seniors to use ICT

“Use IT and Enjoy”. This is a high-sounding name of the project that has been just accomplished by partners’ consortium from Lithuania, Denmark and Sweden.

A project that was funded by NordPlus Adult aimed to explore the methodologies of non-formal education organizations used for motivating elderly to use ICT. Proficient organizations have been…


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Telecentre Multimedia Academy starts piloting in Lithuania

Today TMA course pilot training started in Kaunas, second town of Lithuania. 16 enthusiastic pilot training participants representing municipal library gathered at Information Technology training Center to acquire  knowledge on media literacy.

In the foreseen 70 hours training participants are expected to go into photography, sound and video basics. We…


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Young man's story from LT: Building CV from the very teen days

At a glance

Name: Justinas

City of residence: Vilnius

Age: 17 years

Hobby: photography, singing

Motto: failure is the mist through which you can see the victory


What do you plan to study? Why?

The future is a really wonderful thing as you do not know what can happen…


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"Volunteering at a library got me motivated!" GOW 2014 story from Lithuania

At a glance

Name: Ričardas Šultonas

Town: Marijampolė    

Age: 19

Occupation: Volunteer

Hobby: Reading, learning, cycling, hiking, astronomy, music

Motto: It will work!



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Telecentre Multimedia Academy project progress discussed in Riga

Ongoing Telecentre Multimedia Academy (TMA) project gained a strong momentum – 8 project partners from different European countries met in Riga to “put all dots on i” re. learning material syllabus and content development. The 3rd project partners’ meeting was hosted in the end of February by Telecentre Europe member Latvian organization …


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Best online content for kids was highlighted in Lithuania

In the very end of 2013 association Langas į ateitį announced the national winners of Best Content for Kids award. It was first round of the pan-European competition launched on Europe Day, 9 May 2013 by European Commission and Insafe in the frame of Safer Internet programme.


This award…


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The bridges between governments and citizens discussed in the European e-Government conference in Vilnius

On 14–15 of November Telecentre-Europe members participated in the Lithuanian Presedancy e-Government conference in Vilnius. The particular workshop to share TE experience was moderated by „Langas i ateiti“ director Loreta Krizinauskiene and organized with 4 more TE members.…


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Association Langas į ateitį takes the lead of National Digital Coalition in Lithuania

The ceremony of  Memorandum of Understanding  signing by National Digital Coaliton partners took place during ICT2013 conference CREATE,CONNECT, GROW in Vilnius on November 7th. Lots of attention, lots of important people and mass media. The ceremony was honored by EC vicepresident Neelie Kroes who gave a speach and above all - signed the Memorandum together with 11…


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TE Summit 2013 in Malta

On 24-25 of October 2013 the 6th annual Telecentre-Europe Summit was organised in Malta and co-hosted by TE founding member Malta Communication Authority. This year the event was organised together with Unite-IT project first annual conference titled „Digital…


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New Skills for NGO success

Since January 2013 Association Langas į ateitį has implemented a project New Skills for NGO success, the goal of which is to train people of non-governmental…


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