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FOUR ongoing European projects empowering elderly people with digital skills

In the previous blogpost we showed five European projects that aim to support elderly people in using digital tools.

Below we…


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FIVE European projects that boost the digital skills of elderly people

There are a few projects addressing digital skills of older adults, and we can learn from their findings, use the best approaches and the tools that have been already developed, thus combining our strengths and expertise to achieve better results.

We'll start with the two of…


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Computer Skills Among the Community- Dwelling 55+ European Population

Older adults are facing an increasingly technological society which can make them feel excluded. This work aims to evaluate computer skills of Europeans within the age group of 55+, using data from the SHARE project. Computer skills were assessed based on the answers to the question “How would you rate your computer skills?” Globally, an average of 28% of participants showed good computer skills, 36.1% demonstrated basic computer skills, and 35.9% had no computer skills…


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Working with the elderly in Covid times - the Uporto Sessions Experience

Throughout the last months, ICTskills4All has faced major challenges to conduct project activities without exposing the elderly to risks. Portugal officially started social isolation in mid-March 2020. The scheduled face-to-face sessions were thus postponed to July, when the health authorities were ab le to cointain the threat and authorized the reopening.

Nevertheless, the new preventive measures  demanded social distance, and this gave a clear demonstration of…


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