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Library! More Than You Think - summary of the Library Development Program implementation in Poland

"Library! More Than You Think" summarizes 6 years of implementation of the Library Development Program in Poland. The program was the undertaking of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation managed by the Information Society Development Foundation aimed at transforming more than 3,800 public libraries in rural areas and small towns into modern, multi-function information, cultural and education centers stimulating civic involvement. Between 2009-2015 the Program was implemented in partnership…


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New portal "ICT in non-profits" just launched in Poland

Information Society Development Foundation (FRSI), the TE Polish member,  has just launched a new webiste for Polish NGOs entitled "ICT in non-profits", that will help them in daily usage of new technologies. The webiste provides information on ICT usage in communication / marketing, office work, project management, etc. Contains a separate part dedicated to mobile…


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GOW scenarios - used in Poland in 2011 and 2012

The Information Society Development Foundation (FRSI) was the national coordinator for both Polish editions of the Get Online Week: in GOW2011 and…


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How to disseminate the MIREIA survey? Best practices from Poland!

According to the MIREIA guidelines, there should be 180 filled questionnaires by e-inclusion actors from Poland. We attained this target on 5th February, almost two weeks before the deadline :-)


In Poland telecentres function in different kind of institutions: libraries, NGOs, cultural…


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REGIO STARS 2013 winner from Poland: Warminsko-Mazurskie Region (category 3: inclusive growth)

The Warminsko-Mazurskie Region is one of 5 winners of the RegioStars Awards 2013 to Europe's most innovative and inspiring projects, for a project addressed to the unemployed people. The project consists in offerring them individual employment paths. The project is  financed by the European Social Fund

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Library Development Program extended for one more year

I am pleased to announce that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Polish-American Freedom Foundation have decided to prolong the implementation of the Library Development Program until March…


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MIREIA survey launched in Poland!

The Information Society Development Foundation, as the Polish national branch for the MIREIA survey, has just published at …


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Why Poles need libraries?

I invite you to read the report presenting types of benefits provided to people by libraries entitled Why Poles need libraries?

The study was conducted after the three year experience of the…


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Orange Poland offers 3 extra years of free internet at Polish libraries

In July 2012, the Information Society Development Foundation (FRSI) and its Polish ministry partners signed a Memorandum with Orange Poland to prolong the financing of free Internet access at the Polish communal public libraries for the next three…


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Regional Tech Forum 3.0 in Poland - Gdynia, 16th of October, 2012

ICT  bring about a lot of benefits to all institutions, including the reduction of operation costs, improvement of communication processes and time saving. Broader ICT use in everyday work of nongovernmental organizations may significantly improve their activities by, above all, providing them with new opportunities for implementation of their statutory objectives,…


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