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ALL DIGITAL Week in Macedonia 2018

This year, the iVote foundation in Macedonia was the ALL DIGITAL national partner for the first time! As completely new and almost inexperienced national partner of the ALL DIGITAL Campaign, the iVote foundation is so proud of the benefits of the activities conducted!

The campaign started with the …


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ALL DIGITAL Week - CEFE MACEDONIA, Creation and development of a Business Plan

This workshop was focused on helping the young people in realization of their business idea. Most of the young people have great ideas for business, but they don't know how to set up a nice business plan and don't know what are the certain elements that are crucial in leading their way to success and might cause them troubles on the way. This workshop was all about the creation of a complete business plan, that took into consideration all of the business elements and eliminate as much as…


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ALL DIGITAL Week, CEFE MACEDONIA - Tips & Tricks in Business

This workshop is an addition of the workshop conducted on 27th of March 2018. On this workshop, the participants were working alongside with 9 experts (entrepreneurs, attorneys, product managers, project managers, sales & marketing managers, an economist and representative from financial institution) on their ideas and business plans they developed on the workshop conducted 2 days before this. The idea and the goal of this workshop was to insert some experienced advice from the experts…


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ALL DIGITAL Week in Macedonia - National Competition of Computer Science and Engineering 2018!

The annual national competition in the Republic of Macedonia for computer science and engineering is organized by the Association of Computer scientists of Macedonia. On 24 March 2018, 900 students from all over the country came to participate in the competition, the students came with mentors or parents.

The age groups involved were young people up to 15 years, high school students, teachers and parents of the students. The message that was spread among the students was the most…


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ALL DIGITAL Week in Macedonia - First Support Center for Young People with Disabilities

According to our organization, the iVote foundation, the highlight of the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 campaign was the event organized for people with disabilities. This group of people is the most neglected in our country especially when talking about those people working in the IT sector.  We are so proud to help them start working in the IT sector and start doing something that will change their lives for good with the help of the newly opened HubIT. We are so proud to announce that they were…


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ALL DIGITAL in Macedonia - Closing event, Social Inclusion Through Technology Project, HubIT opening

The campaign of the iVote foundation as the national partner of ALL DIGITAL Week for the first time in 2018 started with the closing event of the project for Social Inclusion through Technology implemented by the iVote foundation for people with disabilities while helping them include in the IT sector. This event reached a big audience and had a great effect on all the public in the country that people with disabilities can also work and give their contribution at the IT sector and use the…


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