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Are e-learning platforms the future of education?

With technology evolving on a daily basis and digital technology is a great part of that evolution, different industrial, social, cultural, and other sectors see changes every single day. As a result, education, the pillar of every industry, every social sector and every cultural endeavor, is being affected the most. With the rapid changes happening, the current knowledge is no longer enough.

It is not a surprise, for…


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Filling the digital technology gap of the modern labor market

There is no doubt that the evolution of digital technology has brought many opportunities in the world of modern businesses. There are many new ideas for businesses arising. Many different ways to use all that new technology in order to advertise the business, gain more customers and maximize the profit. However, there are still certain boundaries that have not yet been crossed.

One of those boundaries and probably the most important one is the lack…


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Helping young individuals build the European Economy

Every generation holds the keys to the future of the economy. Young men and women are the ones with an insatiable hunger to work and create something different. A bright future for themselves and the rest of the world. However, things like the financial crisis are keeping them away from their goals. Nowadays, finding employment is particularly difficult for young people around Europe and around the world.

Young people enhancing the economy

Young people have…


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Social Entrepreneurship and ICT Startups

It is true that the socio-economic reality around Europe is making it very difficult for young people to manage and access the labor market. As a result, the quality of life among young men and women in Europe seems to be hindering. Their welfare is being reduced and that results to their personal and social development falling behind. Most young men and women are affected when they are at the point of transitioning from the education system to the labor market.



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