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FIT4JOBS team report great preliminary results and discuss steps to a global vision


The FIT4JOBS partners’ team met in Dublin April 26-27 2016 to discuss the final position in the European Commission funded project to propagate the FIT (Ireland) training for employment model across five additional European countries. The team was built through partnerships with major private and public organisations engaged in social enterprise initiatives to reduce the Digital & Social Divide through training & support for marginalised groups. In this…


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European Get Online Week 2016: being confident, being digital

The seventh edition of the European Get Online Week (GOW) to digitally empower and employ people was celebrated on 14-20 March this year. With a record number of 29 campaign partners involved in 27 countries, the campaign proved again the necessity to raise awareness about ICT competence and the importance to see every European digitally savvy. Cisco and Liberty Global financially supported the campaign which was also endorsed by some of the European Commissioners.…


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What will GOW 2016 be like this year?

With the commitment of at least 27 campaign partners Telecentre Europe will be getting Europeans online and on jobs again. Digital empowerment campaign European GOW will mark its seventh edition this year on 14-20 March. Thousands of non-formal education providers will get busy organising various activities in their communities in order to reduce the skills gap and promote ICT jobs.



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European GOW 2016 to boost people’s ICT skills and to support them in getting digital jobs

European Get Online Week (or simply GOW) is Telecentre Europe’s flagship initiative and a digital empowerment campaign run at libraries, community centres, schools and non-for-profits across Europe every March. Next year on 14-20th of March GOW will encourage Europeans to use the Internet and technology in a safe and confident way to improve their digital…


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Second Digital Inclusion Award Ceremony organised by Telecentre Europe

The Unite-IT network established the Digital Inclusion Award in 2014 as the annual recognition to organisations and professionals who work in the field of digital inclusion and who create, often with very small resources, innovative ways to bring digital opportunities and skills to people in their communities. The Unite-IT award ceremony took place on…


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Five workshops to explore digital empowerment at TEAC 2015

TEAC 2015 is going to offer its participants a range of ways to explore digital empowerment this year. Five simultaneous workshops led by the UNITE-IT project and platform leaders will invite participants to look into a number of topics: education and training of digital skills, digital inclusion of vulnerable groups, digital social…


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Your vote can help Telecentre Europe win $500k to support its members

Since 2010 Telecentre Europe is running the European Get Online Week ( to get people trained in ICT and help them take the advantage of using the Internet.

Thanks to this annual initiative, we count 160,000 first time Internet users and over 12 million Europeans who have heard about the importance of…


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Vote for developing digital skills: help Telecentre Europe win the competition!

Help us #UpgradeYourWorld and do more to empower Europeans with digital skills by supporting our 50+ members in their work to close the skills gap!

Telecentre Europe has the chance to win $500k and technology and support from Microsoft. Public voting will determine the winner. The voting period runs from July 29 through till August 23.

Please vote for us each day once a day on:

  1. Your Twitter or Instagram accounts…

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Telecentres: Who they are and what they do

This infographic presents the wide network of telecentres in Europe: organisations who are the players of digital inclusion and providers of non-formal ICT training to the most vulnerable groups of society. It's about who they are and what they do.

The data is based on Telecentre Europe's member survey among its 39 members in 2014 and also on MIREIA survey on e-Inclusion actors in the EU27 in 2013.

Share it further!…


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Get ready for TEAC 2015 in Belgrade and register now

This year Telecentre Europe’s Annual Conference (TEAC) will take place in Belgrade on the 24-25th September at the Hyatt Regency Belgrade Hotel. Our Serbian member, the International Aid Network, will host this 8th edition of our annual conference.




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TEAC 2015: Registration open!

Telecentre Europe’s Annual Conference (TEAC) is in its 8th edition and will take place in Belgrade on 24-25 September at the Hyatt Regency Belgrade hotel. This year the event will be hosted by a Serbian member International Aid Network. 

We would like to invite all Unite-IT members to join us on this special occasion and debate on topics of digital inclusion, e-Participation, youth employability, digital skills, and digital empowerment. 



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Young Europeans rock the European GOW 2015

The week-long Telecentre Europe’s flagship initiative European Get Online Week 2015 came to an end. National partners of the campaign generated ample participation in activities primarily targeting young and unemployed people, but also other audiences (e.g. immigrants, elderly, disabled, etc.). European GOW 2015 was organised on March 23-29 as part of eSkills for Jobs to get people online and digitally competent, with the financial support of…


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In the first campaign days GOW 2015 focuses on young people

Just three days into the annual European GOW 2015 and we are counting thousands of digital empowerment and inclusion events across 30 countries. What has been going on so far? Here is a quick update on some of our national partners and their organised campaign activities.


In Romania 166 organisations have joined the campaign locally known…


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GOW15 today is dedicated to youth!

Dear network members,

Yesterday the 6th edition of GOW 2015 campaign was started by a great number of Telecentre Europe's members. It's great to see so many activities happening around Europe at the same time all with one goal - to get people online and digitally competent!

Please don't forget that GOW this year is part of eSkills for Jobs again. So today…


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Get Online Week 2015: Digital skills for inclusion and jobs all over Europe

Contrary to what many people may believe, not every European is digital yet. But we’re getting there. Thousands of non-formal education providers such as telecentres, non-profits and libraries are already busy bridging the gap. They work throughout the year to get people online, improve their digital skills and provide pathways to civil participation and employment.…


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Four winners of the Unite-IT Digital Inclusion Award

The main objective of Unite-IT project, funded by the European Commission’s Life Long Learning Programme, is to create an online community where members collect and share best practice in the fields of digital skills, adult education and ICT, work, social inclusion and social cohesion. 

Organisations working in the field of…


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TEAC 2014 and Unite-IT Digital Inclusion Award Ceremony

Telecentre Europe Annual Conference (TEAC) is an event organised by Telecentre Europe together with three European project partners: Unite-IT, Trans e-Facilitator and Telecentre Multimedia Academy and its local partner Telecentar. The aim of the event is twofold: firstly, to gather professionals working in digital inclusion and the eSkills adult education; secondly, to raise…


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Call for a pilot experience in motion-based playful learning for children

Telecentre Europe invites its members and other organisations to participate in a pilot activity in the field of motion-based playful learning experiences for children with motor and intellectual disabilities. The pilot is realised in the framework of the M4ALL project, a joint effort of European…


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Teaching e-Skills for jobs to be discussed in Zagreb

Telecentre Europe invites professionals from the formal and informal education those interested in the topic of digital skills and media literacy to a 3-day event to take place in Zagreb on 24-26th September.

Organised together with European project leaders from Unite IT,…


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Call for Good Practices and Policies in the Field Of Digital Inclusion

Submit a Good Practice or Policy

The Unite IT e-inclusion network portal ( is the focal point of information, news, resources, database of practices and policies in Europe with specific focus on ICT for inclusion and social cohesion. Hereby we INVITE you, either as an organisation or individual, to contribute to the collection of good practices and policies by submitting your resources into the database.…


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