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Summary of Emilia Romagna study visit to the Basque country and anticipation of follow-up report

My colleague Grazia Guermandi from Regione Emilia-Romagna (RER) already told in her blog-post how useful was the visit to Bilbao on October 2-3, 2017!

As she wrote, we aimed to gain deeper knowledge of the Basque Ikanos project and the local telecentres network KZgunea

In particular, we were interested…


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Open Group and Ervet in the COLIBLITE project: helping libraries address the digital literacy of disadvantaged children

On 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2017 Open Group attended the kick-off meeting of the new COLIBLITE project, hosted by Mira Media in Utrecht (NL).

COLIBLITE stands for "COmmunity LIBraries and digital LITEracy skills for migrant and low-educated families' children". The project is funded under Erasmus+ by the Dutch National Authority and will last for 36 months until…


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New information about the Pane e Internet project in English

The new English section of the Pane e Internet (PEI) website is now online at

Pane e Internet, literally “Bread and Internet” in Italian, is the main project for the development of digital literacy and competences and for the promotion of digital inclusion in the Emilia-Romagna region.

The English part of the website targets anyone from…


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Presentation on "Digital initiatives for refugees" at How To workshop in Ghent

For anyone interested, here is the link to the presentation I gave at the "How to ..." workshop run with Veronique de Leener in Ghent

It is not a complete picture (of course), but a list of some interesting projects, Apps and other opportunities taking advantage of digital…


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GOW 2016 in Emilia Romagna: the second time is always better!

This was the second GOW run in Emilia Romagna by the Pane e Internet (PeI) network. 62 live events were organised during the week, with over 1600 participants, compared to 1200 in the GOW 2015. This time we witnessed the active involvement of the 7 newly established PeI Points and, as last year, the important contribution of several regional and local partners, some of…


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Learning about the job of Google photographer

The series of events "Learn about the new digital jobs" organised for the Get Online Week 2016 in Emilia Romagna offers students from upper secondary schools the opportunity to meet and ask questions to professionals, entrepreneurs, start-uppers etc. involved in the new digital jobs.

At the meeting organised with Punto Pane e Internet in Rimini this morning (March 17, 2016), photographer Eugenio Giovanardi explained how, starting from his passion for video-making, he discovered the…


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DGGMLF project’s first Academy in Modena

On October 22-23, 2015 ERVET hosted the first Academy of the ERASMUS+ project “Digital Generation Gap in Migrant and Low educated Families” (DGGMLF), coordinated by Mira Media, the Dutch national center for media and cultural diversity.

DGGMLF’s main goal is to address the educational concerns and digital competence needs of parents in socially disadvantaged families by…


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GOW 2015 at Casalgrande (Reggio Emilia): using technology to make things

On March 28, Casalgrande library near Reggio Emilia, in collaboration with Intern@mente - Laboratorio Informatico, organized as part of the GOW 2015 a training and demonstration event for the youngsters of the local junior high schools on coding, 3D printing etc..

At first, students were presented Arduino e Raspberry Pi devices and were given very basic coding notions. These were followed by some practical demonstrations, especially on the 3D printer, which was used to produce funny…


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The new ECDL presented to visually impaired people by NV Radio in Italy

NV Radio is a webradio created and run from Bologna by 6 visually impaired people who also manage the web portal (born to help other visually impaired people use Apple devices).

Tecno is NV Radio's monthly news magazine dealing with technologies for accessibility. It is broadcasted on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 21:00 and Saturdays and Sundays at 16:00.

On Thursday March 26, from…


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Coop Estense's events for young people in the GOW 2015

Coop Estense, one of the largest consumer cooperatives in Emilia Romagna, is running today two meetings targeting young people as part of the GOW 2015, at Punto d'Incontro Ipercoop I Portali in Modena.

The first seminar between 4:00 and 5:00 PM is devoted to "The Internet and new digital jobs: a world of opportunities for young people".

Later, from 6:30 to 7:30 PM another seminar will address "Safe navigation: risks on the Internet and how to deal with them.

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Research report from UK on low presence of women in engineering

This report by IPPR in the UK (with some comparative EU data) might be of interest, especially to participants of the Gender Equality working group


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