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Telecentre Europe Annual Conference 2016: First headline speakers announced

We are very excited to announce our keynote speakers for the opening session at the Telecentre Europe Annual Conference in Ghent, Belgium on 6-8th Oct. The event will open with

Alexander De Croo, Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium and Minister for the Digital Agenda,

Saskia Van Uffelen, CEO of Ericsson Belux and Digital Champion of Belgium, and

Eva Pascoe, partner at The Retail Practice and advisor to the UK…


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LinkedIn Survey: your help needed!


I would really like your help. I’m trying to better understand how people use LinkedIn, and so I have created a simple survey. Even if you don't use LinkedIn, please DO still complete the first two pages as I am very interested to understand your reasons. It should only take you a few moments to complete. If you are a user of LinkedIn the full survey will only take you a few minutes more.

The information you provide will be TOTALLY anonymous, and the data gathered…


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News from the Chair

Dear community members,

As our 5th Summit draws closer, and with it the election for a new Telecentre Europe Board, I'd like to just post a quick message about…


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Measuring Impact in eInclusion Actors (MIREIA)

A number of Telecentre Europe member organisations (TE, LIKTA, Spanish Telecentres, Polish and Lithuanian Libraries) attended a workshop last week in Seville run by EC IPTS (the Institute of Prospective Technological Studies).

The workshop explored impact of telecentres and other inclusion actors. The workshop was the starting point…


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Skillage Blogpost on Microsoft Europe website

Hi all

I have posted a short piece on the Microsoft Europe website about the development of Skillage, the translation for which was a huge effort on your part(thanks again). This is just the start of ongoing communications via partners about skillage. Please feel free to post replies and comments, and let your own contacts know via your social media.




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An anomaly in the European online statistics....

Heres a question for the stats analysts out there... Why is the UK lagging behind much of the rest of Europe in online government service use, when digital inclusion in general is so high?

Two reports on internet use in Europe provide a very interesting picture of UK internet users were published last week. Ofcom International communications market report 2011 and the …


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Digital Literacy Workshop at the Digital Agenda Assembly

Dr David Newman videoed my presentation at the DAA in June, and has kindly posted it onto youtube



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Telecentre Sustainability

New guide to Telecentre Sustainability from Telecentre.org

Telecentre Sustainability

Im sure I downloaded from the telecentre.org website, but cant find it now, so have reposted here.


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Interreg IVc call for partners - "Smart Work Centres"


There is an application for the Interreg IVC programme which its centered on the exchange of experience and best practices between local and regional authorities from EU with the aim of improving policies for the achievement of the Lisbon and Gothenburg agendas, specifically related to the theme "employment and the knowledge economy". (http://www.interreg4c.net/index.html )




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European ICT Skills (Sector) Council

The EC have issued a draft document on a proposed ICT Skills Council, and have invited us to attend a meeting to discuss it and next steps. Laure Lemaire of Interface3 and I will attend in Brussels in a few weeks, but we would like like to know any feedback that you may have.



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Telecentres are Dead? Challenge the blogpost!


a question was seemingly asked at the ICT4D conference in London in December "are Telecentres dead?" Post your reply on the blog itself!




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EC eGovernment Action Plan - How can Telecentre networks help?

The following is from the EC on the eGovernment Action Plan. We believe your telecentre networks can support it. Key to all of it, is the primary statement, where it aims to increase usage of online government services by citizens to 50% by 2015.

We will post more on this topic in coming weeks and months, but please comment below, and share what you are already doing as we are keen to show how crucial telecentre networks are in reaching citizens with online government…


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Summary report form the ECEI 2010 conference

Please see the summary reports from the European Congress on eInclusion (ECEI) 2010.

Executive summary


and the full report…


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Telecentre Toolkit

Excellent Telecentre Toolkit in Spanish and English from TechSoup


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Economic Impact of UK online centres

Economic Impact of bringing people online

Please see attached a presentation containing channel shift impact calculations(the second part of the ppt). Our survey findings show that when people are brought online they save significant numbers of face to face visits and telephone calls with government, and this has an economic impact.

IC Next Gen Conf…


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Connected Kingdom

Report in the UK on impact of the Internet(and Broadband) on the UK economy


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Eldy is software that turns any standard PC into an easy-to-use computer for people that have never used a computer before. It is available in English and Italian. It provides into a easy six buttons interface email, internet, chat, videoconferencing,…

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Google TV

things are getting interesting....


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Get Online week In UK, organised by UK online centres

What is the UK Get online week?

Get online week is a campaign from UK online centres, aiming to get tens of thousands of people started with computers and the internet at more than 3,000 local events. This year…


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Innovative uses of technology and information to connect funders to communities

EFC, Foundation Week: 1st June 2010, Brussels:

TechSoup organised a great panel discussion that lead into a really thought-provoking open discussion on the channels between communities and funders. Funders, and communities, need to be aware of the tech-driven changing marketplace and respond accordingly. Recovering the economy is only one part of the equation, the social side must not get lost in that, but communities need to be much sharper in being able to…


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