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Is Facebook secure? Read this carefully

I have always had this question. No matter how much doubts we have we keep on using it. Because people are so addicted to it and for some it has become a way of life.

But you can always keep good manners while in Facebook, and protect your identity.

Click the following links to read more and be protected and respect others.

Protect your identity in Facebook…


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Are we eating unnecessary Bandwidth ?

I was thinking late one night, when uploading a video to Facebook, and seeing my 300+ friends on the list.

What if all my firends, and friends of my friends, and friends of their friends.....upload videos? Well, that is exactly what is happening, though we give very limited attention to Facebook, Youtube etc.

And to think that many of my peers are downloading movies everyday ! makes us to think are we been rude to this wonderful commodity > bandwidth. Everybody has to share what is… Continue

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From eASIA 2008: ICT for Eductaion, Are we doing the right thing?

In the plenary address at the first day Inaugural Session Jyrki Pulkkinen, CEO, Global eSchools and Communities Initiative (GeSCI) ( made a very interesting point.

" It is right to put computers and internet at school level, but ICT alone cannot transform the community. We have to put the right conception first "

He went on highlighting the difference between the geographical map and the knowldge map of the world. In the… Continue

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From eASIA 2008: e-Health - The need for innovation

In the plenary address at the first day Inaugural Session, Karl Brown, Associate Director - Applied Technology, Rockefeller Foundation, USA, speaked on "why eHealth is important in the twenty first century".

The emphasis should be on the whole system, not on how to tackle a particular disease.

He compared the current global health system to a water system in a city. The city is investing on a state of the art water purification system so… Continue

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Capacity Building in Resource Mobilization for Network Partners

“Fund raising is a long shot, so make plans of like for 3 years, so that you can be realistic”

This was the message given by Major General Surath Sandhu to the participants at the Resource Mobilization Planning session workshop. This statement sums up the importance of planning for resource mobilization. Normally organizations expect the resources to be raised in short period of time, but they are not aware about the serious thought process that should go behind this.

As… Continue

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