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telecentre.org Wants You: Join our Online Consultation!

Telecentre.org is launching an online consultation and everyone is invited to participate.

As many of you know telecentre.org is moving to a new home base in the Philippines by the end of the year. Starting November 12th, we are opening an online consultation in our website to hear your thoughts on how to make telecentre.org stronger, better, and more relevant to you… Continue

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Telecentre-Europe Summit 09 - First day finished

Yesterday was a very intensive day, with really good and inspiring sessions.

Akhtar Badshah (Senior director, Community affairs, Microsoft), Richard Fuchs (IDRC director) and Paul Timmers (Head of eInclusion EC) started with the welcome conferences, providing the audience with a really wide and experienced approach and vision of the whole telecentre world and ICT services.

Accessibility, Employability and Citizenship workstreams runned as planned, and we could collect… Continue

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ACCESS-IT 2009 award competition

The first stage of ACCESS-IT 2009 award competition that the charitable organisations e-ISOTIS in collaboration with AbilityNet organise for second consecutive year, has been completed.

Around 100 nominations have been submitted from 24 countries including countries outside Europe like United States, Australia, Syrian Arab… Continue

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Public consultation on post-i2010

The objective of the consultation is to help prepare a new EU strategy for the information society, as the current i2010 strategy is coming to a close this year. All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation. Closing date of the consultation is 9 October 2009. Please note that you are not obliged to answer all questions; you may focus on the areas of interest to you. You can write your replies in any of the official EU… Continue

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Technologic/electronic Recycling

The Information Age has created a virtual tidal wave of electronic devices – including computers and monitors that become obsolete or wear out at an ever-increasing rate.

As a result, the question of what to do with obsolete electronics has become a global issue.

There is a discussion opened in "meeting place"… Continue

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Steering Committee meeting in Warsaw

As previously mentioned in our newsletters and articles, there are a lot of challenging activities in development to increase the impact of the network in different ways, always considering members’ needs and benefits.

Steering Committee members are currently involved in various activities such as improving our online presence developing the thematic resources repository and the Telecentre-Europe members directory. Governance and membership structure are also being… Continue

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European Telecentre Resource Bank

Dear Telecentre-Europe member,

We are pleased to announce an exciting new project that will bring a range of benefits for telecentres and staff. We are creating a European Telecentre Resource Bank that will collect best practices, guides, tools and any other resources that can improve telecentres’ effectiveness and efficiency. The resources will be divided into five themes:

1. Employability – for example, a telecentre trainers guide to online job… Continue

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Technology alone will not bridge knowledge divides

There is an interesting article about a conference done by Abdul Waheed Khan named: "Technology alone will not bridge knowledge divides" held in Maastricht.

Abdul Waheed Khan is the UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information, and in this event celebrated at the begining of this month, he expressed that knowledge societies should not be shaped and driven by technological forces but by societal choices, and told the audience how the educational… Continue

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Do schools kill creativity? A good question...

Ken Robinson made an interesting conference about creativity and how to face the future.

In Telecentre's dynamics we often try to create thinks for "tomorrow", for the coming years, looking for tools that we may will be needing in a short term period and the impact those can generate.

Regarding it, the reflexion Ken Robinson provides in this video is an approach that can give us the right attitud to think about the future.

Please, visit the video link… Continue

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Telecentre.org Begins Transition Towards 2010

Please, read the information posted in Telecentre.org

... Telecentre.org has reached an understanding and is in the early planning phase with the Commission on Information and Communications Technology in the Philippines to devolve its Secretariat...

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Journalism Competition - The Guardian

Why don't you write an article about your Telecentre projects? Do you have a good and interesting experience to publish?

The Guardian is promoting journalism and suggests 16 different themes related to an aspect of global poverty to write about. One of them, themed as Access to Information, is focused on how ICTs… Continue

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During the first week of April Laurentiu Bunescu (Project Manager) and Laia Fauró (Community Facilitator) met in the beautiful city of Timisoara to work on the Telecentre-europe general workplan: strategies, new activities, services for members, internal organisation...

The main objective of the meeting was to revise the 2009 Annual Work… Continue

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A blog contest is going to be hold in Telecentre.org in order to value member contributions and give visibility to those who create good and usefull information for the community.

Telecentre.org would like to highlight all these collaborative actions and celebrate it!

You can find all the information and guidelines in Telecentre.org site. There is also a group created to share doubts or thoughts.

Why… Continue

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telecentre.org Arabic site is now live!

It was one of Telecentre.org commitments to Arabic language communities and in the Middle Eastern-North African (MENA) region that a portal will be developed to facilitate knowledge sharing in the region. Telecentre.org in collaboration with the community facilitators at Egypt ICT Trust Fund is jointly managing this portal. The site is already full of content and activities. Please feel free to join the portal.

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ICTD Evaluation 20/20: Voices from Around the World

In April 2009, a panel will be held at Doha 2009 entitled “ICTD Evaluation 20/20: Voices from Around the World.” This goal of this website is to create a global dialogue around pivotal evaluation issues prior to and following Doha.

The discussion on this site is spurred by a moderated, spirited debate among experts representing practice, technology, academia, and funders, and with community participation via this website prior… Continue

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New uploaded documents for Telecentre-europe members and friends

There are some new interesting contributions in the site that we want to highlight:

- A multi-language available Telecentre-europe Executive Summary (English, French, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish, Serbian, Dutch, Spanish)

- A Grundtvig Application Overview, to… Continue

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Now more than ever, the work you do on e-inclusion is gaining urgency.

We need to ensure that as governments & others focus on moving forward that e-skills support & training is on the agenda, and to do that we want to create a Manifesto.

Your consolidated input in the document (here) will be compiled in an overall Manifesto on… Continue

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Survey on European e-Inclusion Policy

Telecentre-europe members,

We are proud to announce that Telecentre-europe has been invited to take part in the survey on European e-Inclusion Policy. The objective of this survey is to gather views on:

- The role of e-inclusion in the future European strategy on the information society that will succeed the 'i2010' initiative;

- Future priorities for European… Continue

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Employability - Grundtvig Application

Telecentre-Europe - Steering Committee is preparing an application for a Grundtvig Programme (LL Call - European Comission). Different entities are working as a consortium to start a project to develope an employability toolkit for Telecentres.

Please, see more information in this group contribution. (You should join the group Telecentres - Employability).

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Telecentre Europe network goes live at EC e-Inclusion event

Digital inclusion got a boost across Europe today, with the launch of a new network which aims to give everyone an equal opportunity to make the most of technology.

The telecentre-europe network was launched in Vienna at the e-Inclusion Ministerial Conference. Made up of organisations from sixteen EU member states… Continue

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