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European Commission launches the 2008 European eInclusion Awards

The European Commission has just launched the first ever European eInclusion Awards, which will celebrate the best and most imaginative uses of ICT to reduce digital and social exclusion.

The awards are open to organisations in the public, business and voluntary sector or civil society.

There are seven competition categories: Ageing Well; Marginalised Young People; Geographic Inclusion; Cultural Diversity; Digital Literacy; e-Accessibility and Inclusive Public… Continue

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Operational definition of a telecentre

Based on the underneath conversation, the resulting definition would be:

"A telecentre is a place where people can get help to access computers, the internet and other digital technologies that enable them to gather information, create, learn, and communicate with others. In doing so they develop essential 21st-century digital skills to enable them to find better employment opportunities, to participate meaningful into society or to improve and transform their… Continue

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How to follow up a group discussion?

Dear members,

Now that group discussions have started in 4 of our groups, I think it is my duty to explain you all a little bit more about how this tool works for engaging a group conversation.

There are only three things you should know (really, only three!):

Receive email notification from a specific group discussion

Once somebody started a discussion, you should tell the system if you want to be notified on your email that somebody replied to it.… Continue

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Operation "Show Up!"

Operation "Show up": GAME OVER



for surrendering Cezary Skiepko, Katarzyna Rogutska, Krassimir Simonski,… Continue

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Riga: Open Space discussion reports

At the first Telecentre-europe Leaders Forum (Riga, April 8-9 2008) the meeting facilitator Allison Hewlitt invited participants to co-create the agenda for the rest of the meeting. People put their ideas on brightly coloured cards, provided the group with a short explanation, and placed them on the wall in a grid with time slots. Each of these would become a session, led by the initiator of the… Continue

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Minimal profile info needed!

Hello all,

First of all: thanks to all of you for signing up so quickly, I think the start-up phase of introducing ning as a communication tool in the community can already be called a success!

But let's move on to make this tool as useful as possible...! First step I think is to enable other members to identify and contact ourselves easily by checking our profiles.

So please check if you filled in following informationfields:

- your first name AND… Continue

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First rule: English for public communication

Hi there everybody!

I am happy to announce the result of a fruitful discussion we had inside the Language Champions group. As we all care for transparancy, we decided that in this online workspace, English should be used as the only language for public commenting (through the comment wall), blogging, discussing, etc...

As we understand language is a sensitive issue, we decided local languages could be… Continue

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Welcome kit for new members

These are some lines of observations I want to share with you after the first days of learning together how to use this tool:

Privacy of comments and/or messages between members?

For recently joined members, there seems to be a bit of confusion on sending messages between members. Most members start doing this on the "comment wall", which is great because all members can see how people start conversations and might be motivated to engage one… Continue

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