2.0 Web and V Conference of e-inclusion Spain

Last 5th, 6th and 7th November has been take place the V Meeting of e-inclusion for telecentre operators in Fundación Esplai, El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona)
The topic proposed for this V Meeting was: "Telecentro 2.0, community work," with the aim to discuss and reflect on how the telecentres could energise community, and how it contributes to the participation, how they are involved in local dynamics, and become an agent of development. This thopic was seen as a necessity in the IV meeting of 2007. Advancing in this approach also means empowering the projection of the entity in its environment, and improving opportunities for social and economic viability of the project.

The V Meeting of e-inclusion has brought together 100 participants: people in the Red Conecta and Conecta Joven projects as well as guests from other networks in Italy, Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico.

Here are the available diariovencuentro2008 , in spanish, where you will find summary, everything that has happened in these three intense days of work. And if you want more information of the event, the page will be updated Redconecta information

For my part, last year I couldn't be there, and I am pleased this year to have been involved in some sessions (you know that when you're in the foundation hosts many times you can not really participate of the sessions because they're outstanding or other things of organisation...).

My main impressions have been, first, that there were many new faces that he did not know, but who are still breathing this illusion and motivation at work in front of thetelecentres, which is appreciated and we continue to motivate those who are behind the screen working for the issue of telecentres.

In the sessions where I have been, I could see that it continues to work intensively and that the Web 2.0 is on the first line around the theme of energizing community, many experiences and best practices around enforce the communitie by web 2.0, although some people as me, started to have allergies to many tools and this makes us have a little mental dispersion , especially if we like to have everything well-ordered, and the concept of "tags" maybe is not as linear as we were used ... In this sense the meeting had taken place in moment when I have the feeling that sometimes ICT makes us to loose the north and miss the goal of our work, and discussions are taking place around the tools and not the topics , not " why do we need them for"

Some reflections that I have reinforced these days, were the ones that Ismael Pena said in the sesion on the first day, about Web 2.0 and community dimension at the telecentre :

* Internet was around and be take profit of it, using it for things that already exists
* If Is easy, we will use it, if not, we don't
* Internet can be a speaker to meet people in the reality
* The important thing is the network, not the Net

These are sentences that I carry on with me, in addition to these three days where is always a posibility to learn and meet people, and enjoy the work.
More information in english:Ismael Pena page

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