These are some lines of observations I want to share with you after the first days of learning together how to use this tool:

Privacy of comments and/or messages between members?

For recently joined members, there seems to be a bit of confusion on sending messages between members. Most members start doing this on the "comment wall", which is great because all members can see how people start conversations and might be motivated to engage one themselves!

But.. if you don't want other members to see what you're writing to a particular member (for example because you prefer to write something in your own language), you can send a private message by clicking on the "Send a message" link next to the envelope on the member's homepage : she/he will receive the private message in the upper grey bar next to his/her name).

How to avoid e-mail overload from the network's activity?

In your profile settings, you can set which network activity you want to receive an e-mail notification for. In case you don't want to receive any e-mail from telecentre.europe, you can mark the referred thickbox. In that case, as soon as you signed in, you will find any public comments for you on the comment wall of your page. For private messages people sent to you check your message board (= the little envelope on the upper grey bar of the website).

How to syndicate the RSS feed of an outside blog into your page?

When you go to your page, in the left colum you will find a box "RSS" with an edit button, where you can specify a title for the feed, the feed's URL, choose whether to display detailed posts or titles only and decide on how many items you want to show.

Check also Ning faq if you want to learn more about the use of this tool.

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