The structure of the event meant that firm decisions and actions were agreed throughout the 2 days. Every group session and plenary was potentially bring back an action. In several cases, participants agreed to undertake joint activities such as Bulgaria (icentres) and Romania (EOS) who went as developing a proposal. In the case of EUTA, it was dissolution of the Association and participate in Telecentre-Europe network. Other outcomes include:

1. Expansion of the steering committee (which was previously called taskforce) Four members volunteered to join the committee to support planning and coordination of network activities. The taskforce will develop a network governance and services plan by June. Members later met to agree working modelities.

2. Gabi (Romania) and Pedro (Spain) were elected as chair and vice chair respectively.

3. Two small working groups on Knowledge sharing and advocacy were created. They will help in planning practical activities in respective areas.

4. The European Commission engaged with practitioners that have a key to success of e-skills an e-inclusion program in the Union. Practitioners were equally energized to learn - directly from the EC - that their efforts are valued and that the Commission want to stay connected

5. Beyond the agreement to increase knowledge sharing, participants shared concrete experiences, strategies and discovered tools. "Ning" a social networking online tool was the talk of the Forum. This immensely informed the network's options to the extent that at the end of the Forum, participants had sign-up and started inviting colleagues to thematic groups.

In the overall, one of the most important outcomes is that the network entered a new stage - active participation by members. This gave enormous confidence to the taskforce as practitioners expressed enthusiasm to engage.

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