First rule: English for public communication

Hi there everybody!

I am happy to announce the result of a fruitful discussion we had inside the Language Champions group. As we all care for transparancy, we decided that in this online workspace, English should be used as the only language for public commenting (through the comment wall), blogging, discussing, etc...

As we understand language is a sensitive issue, we decided local languages could be promoted through private communications between members (through the message board). For more information about the difference between the (public) comment wall and the (private) message board, please check my former blogpost: Welcome kit for new members.

As it is my job to "model the behaviour" of online communication upon the rules we decide, please keep in mind that from now on public comments in another language will be deleted.

As for the language used in exchangeable resources, we (at Esplai Foundation) will soon provide an online tool to effectively describe, upload, categorize, tag,.. these kind of resources, and will add a language label to them, so that members willing to translate certain resources can find them back easily. This is still work-in-progress, so it could soon be the subject of a new discussion within the Language Champions group. If you're interested in discussing language issues, please feel free to join our team!

For any reactions on this decision, please feel free to comment on this blogpost!


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