Telecentre Network Resource Mobilisation Training: How I got more…

I joined the training workshop in Bangkok to learn, share, co-facilitate and connect with telecentre practitioners in Asia. Seven days after, I feel all was achieved and more… I always like more!

From regular contacts with telecentre networks around the world and personal experience, I know that networks have not, most often taken full advantage of the resources available. Did I say full..? It could even be a generous estimate. Fast forward; this is all due to inadequate demonstration of what telecentres are doing to change lives in communities – which is indeed credit to networks that support them. Simply put, if networks told the impact of telecentres to development the telecentre community will be more visible and powerful.

I learnt as well why networks don’t know how to ASK. They can’t inform, convince and facilitate giving later on setup to receive and receive more.

This training event helped me to understand more the significance of communication and resource mobilisation support for networks but most importantly what would be the content of such support. Earlier in the week, Rich Fuchs (IDRC) asked how the telecentre community is prepared to stay on the development agenda amidst numerous issues like global food crisis, global warming etc. Any response to this important question ought to include communication and resources mobilisation capacities. In that context, the impact of the event will be felt in other community program for several months to come. …hold on; did I just commit myself to something…?

Certainly I learnt a lot more about telecentre networks and respective leadership in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Philippines and India. I am sure participants learnt more as well from each other. We agreed to setup a discussion list and timelines to keep sharing experiences and concretise the gains from the event. A collaborative workspace will be created in a few days with all training materials.

Honestly, I am glad I made the several hours journey.

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