Capacity Building in Resource Mobilization for Network Partners

“Fund raising is a long shot, so make plans of like for 3 years, so that you can be realistic”

This was the message given by Major General Surath Sandhu to the participants at the Resource Mobilization Planning session workshop. This statement sums up the importance of planning for resource mobilization. Normally organizations expect the resources to be raised in short period of time, but they are not aware about the serious thought process that should go behind this.

As first things first: There should be a need to raise resources, and that organization should be committed to do this.
Now who should be doing the fund raising? Normally organizations have key people who’s only work is to find funds and more funds. The activities of these exclusive people are often treated as high profile by the lower layers of the organization.

But is it right? Think of a critical donor calling to the CEO of your organization. And CEO is not in his room. The phone is answered by his secretary. These are the probable out comes

a. secretary would say that CEO is out of office and ask the donor to call back – Chances are that, that donor will not call back
b. secretary directs the call to the next senior manager or she asks whether she can be of any help and gets the message and contact details.

Chances are that, this secretary would be the savior of your organization. Because the donor would feel that all the people at your organization really care for their progress.

Other very important thing to understand is that you need to take small steps, with good communication. Nothing comes in a nice plate, served at once.

The planning process for Resource Mobilization(RM):

1. Assessment of RM capacity
2. Determine funds and gaps
3. Identify and assess donors
4. Formulate key messages, Develop skills
5. Matching Donors to organizational needs
6. Determine fundraising strategies to meet target needs
7. The RM action plan

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