Hello all,

First of all: thanks to all of you for signing up so quickly, I think the start-up phase of introducing ning as a communication tool in the community can already be called a success!

But let's move on to make this tool as useful as possible...! First step I think is to enable other members to identify and contact ourselves easily by checking our profiles.

So please check if you filled in following informationfields:

- your first name AND your surname
- your picture (preferable is a close up of your face, so you can be recognized easily)
- the city and country that you live in
- your email adres
- your skype name (please create one if you haven't got one, it would be great to be able to chat or talk to you directly)
- the name of your organization
- the website of your organization
- the phone number of your organization

Thanks a lot!
hear you soon,

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