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That water is the most precious, rear resource in the hot desert threatened Sudan is well documented. Yet, locals find it within themselves to share it with any traveller in need by setting up road-side watering (drinking) points (called Sabir). Actually, these are small pots made out of clay that are stationed on tripod stands – usually in a set of three, under thin sheds…checkout the photo. Neighbours refill them every morning. You see, clay is porous and passes on this great attribute to the pots so can easily keep the water as cold as you need it.

And if I claimed that “the sabir” make the whole community in Sudan more resilient in harshest of conditions, you wouldn’t argue against that... or would you?

Well, still talking records. Knowledge is the only precious resource that actually multiplies and increases in quality once shared. This applies to literally knowledge on anything including how to run a telecentre, finding partners, resource mobilisation, creating high quality services and content and how to manage telecentre networks, to mention but a few.

So, in fact, it is in your best interest and everyone else when you share what you know or don’t. The telecentre community depends on it – read, depends on you and your actions. Do your part today, everyday. Refill the knowledge pot for everyone to benefit so it can come back to you too.

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