I have been camped here in Timisoara at the invitation of the Gabi (Chair of telecentre-europe network steering committee) since Sept 11. We are discussing how to strengthen the network and facilitate concrete collaboration among telecentres in the region.

Ofcourse this site has demonstrated that people want to learn from each other -- but also indicated that more needs to be done. Telecentre practitioners need training curriculums, concrete services that communities can use, access to funding opportunities, cheaper technologies etc. European Commission also needs a viable access to communities to implement the inclusion plans. Private sector is ever interested in growing markets and testing technologies and services. At the moment, telecentre europe has the potential to connect all these interests and more...

For the first time, the network has a three-man staff team to focus on planning and concrete services. Its a major boost to the steering committee. I am personally eager to see more concrete activities, services and resource mobilisation efforts by December 2008. Who said its bad to hope...?

Well, I think this is a great development.

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