When you light a burner… stay out of the way

Ahkar the Director of Microsoft Community Affairs reminded us that when you light a burner…stay out of the way or else you be burned. But protect the frame so it can glow stronger. This remark could easily pass for a topic in management – that’s how powerful it is. Ahktar was talking to the steering committee of telecentre europe about where the network should be heading in the next few months - out of an incubator into the real world.

Telecentre-europe had a rare opportunity to engage Ahktar in its planning meeting here in Timisoara, Romania. It turned out to be great coup. I am not actually aware of any telecentre network that has hosted Ahktar before at this level – looking forward to more.

With more than a year of incubation by the steering committee with support from telecentre.org, the network is ready to launch and deliver concrete activities. Ahktar recommended that the network focus on bring together practitioners and partners on common issues of interest that trigger participation and collaboration. The network is already planning staff exchanges – where telecentre practitioners would work with peers to find solutions to key issues. Other service shall include online resource centre, research and awards to recognise practitioners and centres that excel.

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