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The global Mountain Forum supports knowledge exchange by collecting and disseminating information on sustainable mountain development. It also fosters member interaction and supports advocacy and policy processes.

One channel is the 6-monthly MF Bulletin which focuses on key strategic themes of the Mountain Agenda. It is available on-line and distributed as hardcopy to members with poor internet access. For earlier editions see

The January 2009 issue of the Mountain Forum Bulletin will focus on: 1) Mountain agriculture and 2) ICTs, networking for mountain development.

Mountain Agriculture is the predominant source of income for most mountain communities. It offers opportunities but also faces major challenges such as the generation of sufficient income, sustaining the natural resource base linked to effects of climate change and population pressure.
Inputs for the Bulletin are welcome on any of the following aspects:
* types of crops, crop production, livestock and agroforestry;
* food security in mountains;
* adaptation of farming systems to climate change;
* conservation of fragile mountain environments; erosion control;
* sustainable pest control measures;
* water management, irrigation;
* conservation of biodiversity;
* traditional and indigenous knowledge;
* gender and the role of women in agriculture;
* successful supporting policies.

Communication & knowledge sharing of mountain communities via ICTs and networking deals with all ways and means to enhance access to information and empower mountain communities. (use of rural radio, television, cellular phones, community information or telecentres).
Programs are set-up in several countries to reach and empower remote mountain areas. Rural radio helps in transmitting information and giving communities a voice. Video plays a role on sharing good practices.
Contributions for the Bulletin might refer to:
* Telecentres in mountain communities; lessons learnt and best
* Use of rural or community radio, mobile telephones to enhance
awareness and livelihoods
* government and donor policies and programs
* use of ICTs to enhance education/ e-learning, health/
telemedicine, agriculture, mobile banking and governance in mountain communities

Contributions in English from all regions are welcome with the following requirements :

1) Feature article(s) (1000 - 1500 words, with 2 or 3 high
resolution digital pictures (1 - 2 Mb), along with captions and credits;
2) Updates on your organization, projects or initiatives (600-800
words) for the 'Member Initiative" section;
3) Upcoming events (until July 2009)
4) Book reviews (400 words): review a book on a topic related to
mountain agriculture (please include a digital image of the front cover of the book reviewed, if possible).

You can send your contribution to before Friday 10 October, 2008.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Marianne Heredge
On behalf of the Bulletin Team

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