Our study visit program included visits at RIAP’s – in Paluse and Visaginas. Of course in Lithuania is more this kind Internet access points (about 800). Project of RIAP is very similar to Ikonka@ which is provided in Poland.

In Paluse RIAP is localised in national park.
Another one RIAP which we have visited in Visagina is different than in Paluse. It is managed by workers of cultural centre. They are also planning to initiate basic computer literacy skills courses for Visaginas community and residents of neighbour areas.

RIAP’s are great solution to reduce computer illiteracy, encourage people to widen their knowledge in ICT and support ITC infrastructure development.

We had opportunity to get know how W2F works and make conclusions which can help develope Community Centers. Finally, I would like to write that I (as well as the rest of our visitation group from Poland) received more than directivities from W2F. All visit study program points were very pleasant and people which are involved in work for W2F are competent as well as amicable.
Thank you for visit and I hope that we will meet again (in Poland of course).

PS Poor access to the Internet was the reason why current notes from study visit were not published.

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