The Educational Visit to Lithuania 2008 - 1st day on Lithuania (17.09.2008)

Yesterday at 10:10 we left Bialystok. We went by train to Vilnius. Our object was visiting the Telecenter and meeting people who organize in Lithuania trainings similar to ours. We were going to see how people from the other country do what we do.
After a little exhausting ride on the train we suddenly noticed that the time zone has changed and our watches need to be adjusted plus one hour. Of course when the conductor told us the news, we had to pack in a hurry and to leave the train very soon.

We got off at the rail station and there it was Lithuania, Vilnius. Earlier I heard that the city is not very big. The first my impression was that people there weren't in such a hurry like for example the citizens of Warsaw. Everything was going on slowly. People didn't cross the roads at zebra crossings, drivers seemed to be a little drunk. I've noticed there's not many police officers in the streets, but later cab drivers told me it's not quite true.
First thing we did was exchanging some of our money to the local currency and then using our map we went to the Hostel. There we could unpack and had a shower. After that we “hit the city”.

We went to see the old town. While we were walking we looking for a good restaurant suiting all members of our party. Finally we landed at a pancake restaurant. The food was great, we had a delicious soup and even better pancakes.

After a very satiating meal we went on looking for more interesting places. We chose a cafe-bar “deParis”. After tasting few beverages we met some local folks. One man told us about his visit to Poland and how he spend his time in our country. While he telling about Poland, he added lots of history bits and interesting facts about Lithuania. His friend, a Lithuanian writer from Moscow, started a deep conversation about our homeland. He was a nice old man with a beard. He had written some essays about Poland, thriller books and newspaper articles.

Almost everyone asked us to speak Polish, they all could understand what we were saying. Isn't that strange?

After leaving the “Bar deParis” we went to the “Cozy club”, which was recommended by one of previously meeting people. The club was placed in the basement. They play electronic, techno or rave music. I don't know how to better describe it. There were lots of young people and Djs played on life from vinyl discs. Our group took some photos and then we moved on looking for a store to buy food. We got back to the Hostel, took a shower, etc. Me and Monika went down to talk with the guys running that Hostel and to see the kitchen. We wanted to know more about Lithuania. I was interested in a huge poster saying “Shoot with a real AK-47”. When I told them I play paintball, one of them commented that “paintball is for boys, real guns are for men”. I just smiled, 300 lits for a 20 – 30 bullets..., No, thanks!

We went to sleep remembering that the next morning will keep us very busy.

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