The Educational Visit to Lithuania 2008 - 2nd day on Lithuania (18.09.2008) [free time]

EDVALDAS took us a very beautiful park called on Belmoncie. The images speak for themselves.

He told of the history of this place. Then we went to the buildings where weapons production, this place was taken by the taste Monika. From the park we drove car EDVALDASA under his house in the center and we went to explore the city. Overall, he showed us the courtyard, where he grew up. He lives at the beginning of the main street, also knows as the center of his own pocket. Exactly step-by-step guide told us stories of buildings, which met on the road, which led us through Vilnius.

The streets of Vilnius recall the streets of Bydgoszcz

The purpose of his route was the bar „BARAS SNEKUTIS”, where beer is served natural, unique. Reading "sznekutis" is the definition of owner, which a lot of talking, or talker. Boss sells beer - very amiable man said a little Polich, with a mustache in the Hat. I tried also in fried bread with garlic and salt and delicious fry beans with lard in dish - allowances recommended EDVALDAS.

Then we goodbye with EDVALDAS and we went to the hostel.

Shower, something for a tooth, to acquaint new people, for example, New York, New Zealand, Russia and other countries that do not remember, and are in Photos

Also with them went to a very popular club "Woo Club". A medium-sized club, great music, mixed by two live DJ from CD record. It was great.

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