At the first Telecentre-europe Leaders Forum (Riga, April 8-9 2008) the meeting facilitator Allison Hewlitt invited participants to co-create the agenda for the rest of the meeting. People put their ideas on brightly coloured cards, provided the group with a short explanation, and placed them on the wall in a grid with time slots. Each of these would become a session, led by the initiator of the idea.

Participants then sat in tight circles, intent on each other, sharing, asking questions. They digged in on issues of interest which included european volunteer exchange programs, sharing success stories and knowledge on e-learning production, communication tools for knowledge sharing, sustainability planning, breakthroughs in fundraising, european lobbying, eSkills for employability, the future of telecentres, the “ideal” telecentre, telework in telecentres, discussions on network strenghtening, collaborative actions, ideas for joint projects, development of partnerships, networking inside the network etc.

Along one wall of the room the organizers set up resource tables and a documentation centre with computers and printers. Allison provided session leaders with report-out templates, which were all filled out in a record time, were printed out and hang out at the wall so everybody could review and catch up with some interesting discussion they might have missed.

Here you can find an overview of all the reports:

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