Call for proposals | EU Study Analysis of e-Inclusion Impact

This could be a great opportunity for collaboration among network members and researchers. Read below

Study Analysis of e-Inclusion Impact (SMART 2008-0065)
(Deadline: 01/09/2008) The subject of the contract is to provide an assessment aimed to test expected outcomes resulting from digital inclusion, such as: empowerment of individuals to use ICT to better participate in the economy hence with an effect on employability and entrepreneurship ; the value for society produced by inclusive on-line public services and the economic benefit resulting for users ; the effect on the overall productivity due to increased employability, better jobs and improved public services ; the impact of digital inclusion on demand for ICT tools and services ; the effects of technological improvements in terms of quality and price as well as consumer welfare ; the macro-economic costs of encouraging change towards an inclusive knowledge and information society in Europe (EU-27).

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