Our community's activity is breaking a record!

Hi again everybody,

As your weekly reporter, I am sending you this week’s update of our community’s activity.

Member count
Since my last update, 8 new members joined our online community on telecentreeurope.ning.com, which makes a total of 56 signed in members. Those that didn’t join yet and want to stay in touch with the community should sign up soon!

From the 56 members that joined our online space, 15 members were not at the Riga conference, these were:
Andréa Stourdze from ADIE, France and Basak Saral from Youth Association for Habitat, Turkey – both members that were already on our community’s emaillist
Dimitar Valkov, Ivaylo Nikolov and Hristo Presolski from iCentres Association, Bulgaria; Julia Herrero and Frederic Cusí from Fundación Esplai, Spain; and Vasile Deac, from the Romanian Association for Counseling and Support, Romania. All these members are new European colleagues that were not on our community’s emaillist before!
• We also have new overseas members that joined our community! These are: Isura Silva from Sarvodaya-Fusion and Subraman Gavashkar from ICT Agency of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka; Marcia Chandra and Partha Sarkar from telecentre.org; Chris Coward from the University of Washington, USA and Vignesh Sornamohan, the Community Content Facilitator for telecentre.org at Asia, my colleague from India:)
• We also especially welcome Akhtar Badshah, manager of Microsoft's Community Affairs program

Community activity
As for the member’s activity there were 2 new groups created: the Research group, initiated by Ian Clifford and the Steering Committee group, initiated by Gabi Barna. Ian Clifford followed me as a discussion starter on the new Forum feature and opened a discussion under the Research category, entitled “Research into Digital Inclusion, eGovernment and Telecentres”.

Lots of people watched the video on the Telecentre Leaders Forum at Riga (it has 126 views already!) and have sent their comments and ratings (it has almost 5 stars!).

Ofcourse, also this week the “Featured members” contest went on, and LOTS of members participated! This is the list of members that became “featured on main”: Yana Kurchenko, Katarzyna Zmijewska, Christine Prefontaine, Maria Garrido, Pawel Macowiecki, Ian Clifford, Gabi Barna, Kirsten Dewaelheyns, Vasile Deac, Laura Rusu, Melissa Pailthorp, Frederic Cusí, Seda Atabay, Olga Skorobogach, Meddie Mayanja, Isura Silva and Pedro Aguilera

They all won the contest for showing even the slightest piece of activity: replying to a discussion, adding the minimal profile info requested, creating groups, joining a group, changing the look & feel of their page, commenting & rating the video, or just reacting fast upon the messages I’ve sent them through the private messageboard!

Steering committee
Last wednesday, the steering committee held its second conference call meeting after Riga. A report of this meeting (and of the former meeting) will soon be sent to this list and uploaded under the Steering Committee group at telecentreeurope.ning.com.

Thank you all for this fantastic week of community activity!
I am already looking forward to meet you all online again and to welcome lots of new members next week!


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