Dear all,
Two weeks have passed since my last update, so there is a lot to tell here.

New members
The "email harassment campaign" we organized for getting all Riga participants on board of was a huge success. Operation "Show up!" - as we called our computer game - succeeded in convincing 9 Riga participants to sign up on our community site: Weronika Pielas, Mariana Pavel, Małgorzata Piątkowska, Krassimir Simonski, Cezary Skiepko, Nick Batey, Madalina Botoroaga, Eva Varga and Katarzyna Rogutska, they are all among us now!

Although I must admit: the methodology used for "Operation Show Up" WAS kind of inspired by the good old 'Far West' and... US army propaganda tactics :/:(... This apart, the result wouldn't have been wat it was without the efforts of our amazing 'soldiers': Paweł Makowiecki (the winner of the game!), Maria Garrido, Christophe Devolder, Melissa Pailthorp, Laura Grineviciute and Edvaldas Baltrunas. They all kept on harassing the email boxes of the "WANTED" members, untill they finally signed up! Thanks to all for all the hard work on this!

With these new members on board, we have reached a milestone of 84% Riga participants signed up into our virtual platform. And ofcourse: we are still waiting for the rest to join too!

Seven more new members joined the platform in these two weeks time: Florencio Ceballos, Bia Popescu, Laurence Verriest, Alexandru Jolobai, Laure Lemaire, Frank Tulus and Trif Romina Lavinia. This brings us to a total of 130 community members, with 81 of them (61%) signed up on Not bad at all:)

Forum discussions
In the past two weeks, our community activity has really taken off. Individual member's activity (posting comments, posting photos, changing one's profile,...) is still very high, but it's no longer the only type of activity happening 'on ning'. Now, numerous members also started "to work". Some Riga participants for example posted their open space session reports onto the forum, hoping to continue discussing online what has been started at Riga.

The steering committee also started a discussion to invite community members to participate in the creation of a telecentre-europe logo. At first there were no reactions at all, but then the community really surprised itself (herself?). Logo proposals were sent in by Ian Clifford, Paweł Makowiecki, the "freshly arrived" Bia Popescu and last but not least by Laurentiu Bunescu

Group discussions
Two groups became very active these past two weeks:
  • The European Fundraising Team intensely discussed Grundtvig funding, an EU fund dedicated at Adult Education. The idea here is to apply for their Mobilities fund - for people to visit other project partners in various countries to establish a common project.
  • The Volunteer Exchangers also discussed funding for visits, but this time an application would go to EU's Youth in action programme. The idea here is to organize some Study visits between NGO's involved in training young people under Microsoft Unlimited Potential, to exchange experience, expertise and good practices.
Me, myself and I are the only ones that lately have written blog posts through their blogpages: a guidance on how to follow up a group discussion, an operational definition of a telecentre and a 2500 words article that gives an overview of telecentre-europe and the recently concluded Telecentre....

Steering Committee
In the past two weeks, the Steering Committee held only 1 conference call, as 1 weekly call was cancelled. That's also why the minutes of meeting #3 got some delay in being published, but they are now available for your consulting & feedback at the Steering Committee category of the Forum. The minutes of last week's call will be published as soon as they are reviewed and approved by the very same Steering Committee group.

And it has to be said: Steering Committee members are working very hard these days to get all the work done for their face-to-face meeting on the 17th of June in Barcelona!

That's it folks! I hope we can continue to keep up the good work as we are doing right now. This is the way we go, the way we move and the way in which we will succeed. Thank you all for all the efforts made in these past two weeks!

cu next week,

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