2500 people discovered the digital future at the Ghent Digital Interactive Fair!

Saturday October 21st the 4th edition of the Digital Interactive Fair took place in Ghent’s newest library De Krook. It was the kick-off event for an extra-long Digital Week in the city of Ghent. 

Visitors got to discover, experience and try out new technologies. A lot of creative and innovative companies presented their state-of-the-art and creative technologies, with lots of engaging activities: E-sports, robotics, 3D-printing, Virtual Reality, 360° camera’s, …

Children and their parents could also participate in one of the many workshops: coding with Scratch, making an Artbot, robotics with Mindstorms, laser cutting …

 This edition of the Ghent Digital Interactive Fair turned out to be the most successful edition so far! We welcomed over 2500 visitors!

 Let’s have a look at some of the exiting activities that took place:

 Ledsreact – A smart sports cone

This interactive sports cone drives training to a higher level by bringing classic sports exercises up to date.  By using sensors, the cone can estimate how far the athlete is removed from the device. At the very last moment the device will indicate a direction by lighting up one of the four colored LED’s. In this way the athlete never knows which exercise’s next. This new form gamification keeps things fun, creative and improves the athletes reaction speed.

 Observatory Armand Pien - The small Mars rovers

During this workshop children had to launch a mission to Mars. Small groups had to cooperate to make sure the mission would be successful. They perform a number of assignments using 3D-simulations. The teams had to find the ideal launch date on Earth and ideal landing place on Mars. On Mars they had to steer a small Mars rover by programming a Lego mindstorm robot. In the end the mission had to safely return to earth.


STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics, the knowledge areas that are represented in this box full of technological teaching materials. This box was designed to prepare young people for the current and future technological and scientific challenges. This allows Steambox to introduce a new way of teaching with more space for experiments. Youngsters were able to test out the box and build stairs with sound and light by means of a Raspberry Pi, Arduino and MakeyMakey.

MyGhent2050 – City of the future

What does the city of the future look like? Sustainable, renewable energy, more parks and greenery? A local school went one step further. They build and programmed that vision of the city of the future during the My Ghent 2050 project. Students from different years programmed their city with the Minecraft Education Edition. At the Digital Interactive Fair they showed others how to do this.

Howest - Digital Arts & Entertainment

Howest, world’s best school to learn game art and game development, got the public acquainted with the latest developments in the world of Virtual Reality. Several demo’s taught people how to cooperate in a virtual environment.

Previewlabs - Rehabilitation

Visitors could test one of the prototypes developed for the wE-MOVE project. This research project aimed to develop game concepts to improve fine and gross motor skills, for instance in rehabilitation. For this event they targeted at children and adults with hemiplegia.

OPSORO – Social Robots

Adults and Children could build and  personalize a social robot. You receive social media updates through movements of the robot. So he can let you know whenever you have a Facebook like or a new Whatsapp Message.

Ingegno – Laser cutting

During this workshop participants got to design and laser cut their name or logo in to wooden virtual reality glasses.

Ketnet – Rollercoaster ride

The youngest enjoyed a thrilling Virtual Reality experience. During the last season of a popular Belgian TV-program for kids, named Helden, the protagonists built a real rollercoaster. Through virtual reality children could experience this rollercoaster ride.

Digitaal.Talent@Gent is the e-inclusion program of the City of Ghent, the Public Centre for Social Welfare Gent and Digipolis Gent and aims to give all citizens the opportunity to develop their digital skills. Thanks to the support and eff ort of numerous social city organizations, Digitaal.Talent@Gent is able to reach a large number of people and encourage them to fulfil their digital potential.

You can find more information on our website (in Dutch) www.digitaaltalent.be or in this video (English) https://vimeo.com/93960749.

Contact: Sara Van Damme, sara.vandamme@digipolis.gent

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