30 Stakeholders' common messages on the Erasmus for All programme

In a recent pressrelease, an informal coalition of the major European organisations & networks that work on education, training and youth have published a common message to the European Parliament & Council on the future Erasmus for All programme, that will invest in high quality, modernised and reformed education and training to achieve the Europe 2020 goals.

In their message, the coalition welcomes the proposed budget of 19 billion EUR,which is the minimum allocation necessary to have a real impact in the current economic crisis.

However, it considers that the lifelong approach to learning should be reinforced, by opening the programme to all type of learners from early childhood to seniors and by putting at a same level of esteem various ways of accessing learning be it formal, non-formal or informal.

Furthermore, the coalition wants the social dimension to be stronger, as acquiring and improving skills, knowledge and competences goes beyond the sole aim of improving employability and encompasses developing active citizenship and social cohesion.

Last but not least, the coalition calls for strengthening a participative approach in the management of the programme, and for a structured and explicit dialogue with the European associations in the fields of education and training.

» Download the complete pressrelease

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