30.11.2008 Vienna 2008: European Commissions e-Inclusion policies and initiatives: how can I be included?

Many recent policies fight with social/information exclusion of Europe citizens.

Brief presentations at this session gave an outlook for the organizations on what calls for proposals are there to chose from in order to be involved in European Commission e-Inclusion policies, relevant initiatives, actions and projects. Basic focus is on the idea of integrating such speheres of our lives as (e)health care, (e)social care and (e)government.

List of the projects is available here

Summing up Ms Katarzyna Bałucka-Dębska (Project Coordinator of the ITC E-incusion Department of the Euoropean Commission) gave tips on the first steps to get included in such projects. She highlited the meaning of exchanging experience and sharing knowledge between organisations and experts.

Personally, the most important for me is moving forward in the fied of e-government. Ms Maria Manzoni gave an outline of current situation of social inclusion in Europe.

From daily life I can see how many barriers eldery people meet when it comes to using bankining systems, paying taxes, or insurance matters. Institutions that are responsible for these matters are usually inaccessible for such citizens due to their location or big number of enquirers.
It is the mission of E-inclusion to facilitate such processess in the future.

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Comment by Lize De Clercq on November 30, 2008 at 17:17
Thanks Justyna, I can see that you got the trick and were infected with the "blogger's virus";) I love to see lots of pictures inside a blogpost, I think it makes readers wanting to read the post untill the end. 10/10 for you too!!!

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