During the All Digital Week, the Digital Literacy Programme of Extremadura (Spain) has challenged users to create their own 3D designs through an introductory workshop on Maker Cultura and 3D design/printing.

This activity amis at the empowerment of citizens with low level of digital skills in fields such as 3D desing and printing, so that they identify the needs and the opportunities to be covered by 3D technology at a very local level.

All projects are available in this link:


Through the participation in this activity, users have understood how digital technologies can help improve our health, can bring solutions to people with special needs or value our cultural heritage.

It is important to highlight that the variety of initiatives is due to the interests of the different users in each of the digital competence centres, which have enriched the regional All Digital Week campaign in Extremadura.






On the 3rd of April, in order to choose the best project, the Digital Literacy Programe of Extremadura launched a participation experiment through Mentimeter.com, so that during 13.30 h and 14.00 there was an online public open voting.

The winner received an IoT starter Kit and the public acknowledgments of all the team.

Her name is Ana Rosa Ballesteros Lima and her design represents the symbol of our region: THE ACORN. It is an origital design to hold books and other little decoration elements.

And the Price! A IoT starter Kit.

The 3D Dare project reached over 100, and was implemented in 13 different small towns.

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