How is the safety of toys guaranteed? Which additives are allowed in food? – are only two of the questions raised by The VoicE Project, an online network where people can get in contact with the MEPs from different regions (Baden Württemberg in Germany and Valencia in Spain), on behalf of consumer protection. People can tell their opinion on current legislation in this area. The main part of this platform is the forum, where people can voice their opinion, write what expectations they have, what they are afraid of and things like that. "The reason why we chose consumer protection is that it's a topic which is very close to the citizens and people are affected by the legislation in that area. We take specific legislative proposals, ask people quite provocative questions and then allow people to debate on that. Then we put together all the comments and all the posts that have been done on the forum and send them to Brussels, to the MEP's. We want to allow MEPs to know what voters actually expect," explains Johanna Schepers, project manager. Just have a look on

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