A network of telecentres using free software

Several months ago I decided to create a series of posts in my personal blog to describe the solution that we, Emergya, developed for the migration to free software of the former network of telecentres of Red.es.

My intention is, over multiple posts, to describe the technical details of the solution: from the general organization of the center, through the details of the Linux distribution development, the various services for remote administration or the system of "single login".


Well, today I've published the third post of this series, describing the development of the Linux distribution running in our  telecentrese. You can also check the first two posts in the series under the "Telecentres" category at my blog. I hope my experience can be helpful for you.


Any questions? :)

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Comment by Luis Rivas Vañó on September 14, 2011 at 23:27

Hello, Lize.

I'm glad you find my posts useful. The free software is allowing us to provide many features that would be unavailable using a propietary software model. I'll do my best to share this experience with all the Telecentres Europe community :)

Thanks for your comment!

Comment by Lize De Clercq on September 14, 2011 at 19:34

Hello Luis!

Thanks a lot for sharing this, it's extremely important to share among European telecentres these kind of experiences in problemsolving - more: it's the main reason of the existence of this community!

I have read the first two articles of the Telecentres category of your blog, but halfway the second and especially the third it became too technically for me...

I am sure though that the more technical people among this community will find a lot of use in the detailed description of your experience with coping infrastructure & technical staff problems through the use of free software.

Congratulations with the project to your whole team!

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