A "NEW" network for those working to change the world. What about us?


After watching these videos, I was reminded that something hasn't been done right within the world Telecentre movement. Telecentres serve over a billion people every day, providing critical services to hundreds of thousands of under-served communities worldwide, and responding to the needs of minority groups largely ignored by other programs. However, we, as telecentre practitioners, have not made enough effort to tell the story of our networks outside the regular ICT circles.

In the meantime, here comes along a young, well-funded entrepreneur who launches a "new" idea for a global socially-oriented network and labels it as a place where good people can gather and collaborate for the benefit of millions in need. What?! WE have already been doing that exact same thing for 17 years (or more)! The only problem is, we haven't had the attention of the world media like this guy!

There is nothing wrong with what this individual is trying to implement, but it delivers a powerful message for us: We must market ourselves better to the outside world. We are one of the biggest social change networks in the world. We deliver good tools for the public every day. We are working long and hard to make the world a better place for all. What we need to improve is how to connect with social entrepreneurs, social investors, and hundreds of funding opportunities out there, struggling to find the right ideas, people, projects, and organizations to support financially. We are here; our network can deliver.

It is my hope that this will motivate us to improve our ways of working together, and to take advantage of rare occasions like these in the media to gain more visibility. This way we can expand the reach of all the good work the telecentre community delivers every day, all over the world.

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Comment by Ian Clifford on October 1, 2010 at 14:55
Hi Miguel
thanks for highlighting this. You are right, we need to be better at communicating the impact that we have... lets see if he responds. ill post him a message

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