A Short Summary of GOW2016 in Lithuania

Overview of the GOW2016

It was the 7th year when association "Langas į ateitį" has participated in the Get Online Week campaign. The message that we spread through all the activities this year was raise awareness about online identities, cyber-security, ICT skills and available tools so that European citizens become confident Internet users as approximately 70% of Europeans are afraid of losing their personal data on the internet this year we proposed a possible solution to decrease the uncertainty and fear by teaching people about ways to stay safe online. As well, we wanted to emphasize that the enormous amount of youth online does not illustrate the high level of youth digital ICT skills that are needed in the job market.

To achieve our goals of GOW2016 this year more than 300 organisations were involved. GOW2016 activities in Lithuania were organized collaborating with National Digital Coalition members (www.skaitmeninekoalicija.lt) and a lot of partners including e-skills for jobs campaign, State Employment Agency, Youth job centres, National Library of Lithuania, Safer Internet Centre, IT companies ATEA Baltic, Swedbank, Central Bank of the Republic of Lithuania, The Lithuanian Computer Science Teachers Association (LInMA), The National Association of Distance Education (NDMA), LITNet etc. All partners contributed with the number of activities dedicated for GOW2016 as well as dissemination of the initiative.

Different activities, reach and empowerment of people

During the GOW2016, people were reached through online news portals, radio and social media as well as partners’ and local communities’ websites. A big publicity campaign was organized collaborating with in the second biggest online news portal 15min.lt where an introduction to GOW2016 and a number of  articles about young people security on social networks, youth skills for jobs  or money security on the internet were published four times during the week – during which at least 296 961 people were informed/reached (main tools were articles written with the help of our partner PR Service and distinctive banners that we designed for this special occasion). Press releases about the GOW2016 initiative were distributed with the help of BNS news agency to other news portals. A combination of public libraries’ web sites and local news portals helped to reach at least another 67 595 people.

We are very happy that a total of 11671 Lithuanians registered via the mini GOW2016 survey – a great result of this year!

Events and other activities

The offline activities were organized all over the country. There were more than 970 event across the country in public libraries, youth job centres, high schools and other institutions.

During the Get Online Week 2016 3572 people have registered and completed tests and other activities on different online platforms:

1 611 people completed the Skillage test.

1 140 people registered to Yourock.Jobs platform.

750 people completed the test “Are you secured on internet?”

1139 teachers checked their collaboration on line skills on Online4Edu barometer http://dev.ecdl.lt/project/online4edu/index.php?lang=lt.

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