Study visit 2017: About Maks Digital activities

Since 1999 the nonprofit Maks stimulates Brussels citizens, primarily from the neighbourhoods Kuregem and Molenbeek, to develop their talents and competences. Maks designs innovative methods to encourage young and old to enrich their digital skills.

Maks is composed of three services: Maks Digital, Maks Work and Maks Graphic Agency.

As part of our study visit, we were able to discover closer some of the activities organized by Maks Digital service. Below is just a glimpse of the projects Maks Digital was working on during our stay in Brussels:  


Every Wednesday Creakids takes place in Maks’s premises. Animators, trained by Maks Digital, organize various activities aiming to develop children’s creativity with the support of technologies. This way children are learning to code in a playful atmosphere. During our visit on Wednesday, 7 June 2017, children learnt about Manga. The afternoon started with a discussion on the subject, then they learnt how to find a good tutorial to draw a manga themselves and finally started drawing their own.

Facebook photo: Capital Digital - Brussel/Bruxelles

Digital Storytelling (DST) against illiteracy

MAKS team was organizing a digital storytelling for analphabet people based on a guide on how to learn to use an ipad. The organizers were careful about every step of their DST project because they had to take into account their audience can’t read or write. The discussion about Digital Storytelling with Joëlle, one of the organizer was enlightening. She’s a psychologist and explained how Digital Storytelling are a way to let people express themselves, being creative, being conscious their idea is worth listening to it.

Writing a Digital Storytelling step by step plan for illiterate people (photos)

Maks is a partner with the BeCode workshop:

The BeCode is an eight-month coding school Maks is partnering with. As Maks is working with the people in the neighbourhood, they can promote BeCode to their target audience and create better synergies around coding. BeCode is a french working system, based on Simplon, thinking that web development skills are going to be highly demanded in the next years. This training gives a chance to people from every background to learn and find a job within the months following the internship. It is currently creating a “dating site” to get easily in touch with workers from other organization.

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