GDCO Sudan and ACSIS partners start implementation of the SDGs @ WSIS 2016


GDCO Projects  مشروعات المنظمة

GDCO Sudan and its partner specially Sudacad and NIC prepared their exhibitions 4 inauguration tomorrow. On Friday 6th May 2015 GDCO and its partners will organize a workshop from 9:00 to 10:45 @  Room C1, ITU Tower

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African Civil Society on the Information Society (ACSIS) started today it series of workshop contributing to the implementation of the sustainable development goals by raising a big question on WSIS+10 and Beyond. Where do we Stand in Africa? what can be done in Africa? What are the Main Challenging Issues and Proposals for Implementation? Many distinguished panelist including ministers, ITU secretory general, private sector, Ambassadors, ICANN, Yahoo, CESIR, UNECA, GDCO Sudan as member of ACSIS and civil societies members (ACSIS).

Ahmed Mahmoud Mohamed Eisa the chair of Gedaref digital city organization mentioned that GDCO is a civil society in Sudan founded in partnership with DSE-Netherlands through the twinning of Gedaref and Eindhoven municipalities. GDCO is part of the Telecentres movement where more than 87.000 Telecentres, in 52 countries, 72 national networks and 6 multi-lingual networks are sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices for the development of marginalized, disadvantage and underserved communities.  

Telecentres overcome barriers that limit the sustainable development, reduce the impact of poverty, empowering women through ICT include the excluded. Telecentres are strong tools for eradication of the resources of illiteracy and improve the quality of education @ reduced costs through ICT.  

GDCO mentioned many things can be done or can work in Africa for better implementation of SDGs

1- We need to develop strong win-win people public private partnership (PPPP)

2- We need to share our knowledge, experience and best practices specially for marginalized, underserved community to save time and money

3- we need to develop a sustainable project that create a revolving fund

4- we need to connect the unconnected specially people with disability

5- we need to empower girls and women through ICT and we have a good example that foundation and its partners specially ITU in 2014 trained one million women the basic computer courses and internet to develop their skills

6- There is a severe problem of more than 60 million out of school children due to poverty, climate change and war need to be tackle

7- in Gedaref digital city organization sudan we are working on the 2nd phase of e-Agriculture which will include crop market crop portal with agriculture extension and weather forecast, cloud computing to connect illiterate farmers and GPS implementation this

In this crop portal we send daily 2000 messages and get 40% of each message cost from the telecommunication company. In addition to advertisement and other services

8- GDCO developed telemedicine partnership between Sri-ramachandra University (India) and Gedaref university (Sudan) & another 4 universities, hospitals and health academy will join the partnership for quality capacity building of medical staff and final medical student and treat our community online & physically (India) it is an entrepreneur

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