Active preparation for Get Online Week 2013 going on in Latvia

More than 100 partners working together in Latvia for a great GOW2013 !

With less than 40 days left till Get Online Week 2013 (GOW 2013) will start all over Europe, in Latvia the preparation activities have reached their peak.

As in previous years, the GOW 2013 in Latvia is coordinated by LIKTA (Latvian Information and communication Technology association), together with The Ministry of Environment Protection and regional development. Already more than 100 partners from the public sector, the ICT industry and the NGO sector have signed up for the week activities, offering different e-Skills and e-services related trainings, competitions, workshops and online seminars.

Every day will have a special focus

The first day, March 18th, will focus on the “E-Skills Portfolio" theme, starting with the high level decision makers Roundtable “E-Skills  for economic growth, employability and personal development", where Latvia will analyse the achievements in the field of E-Skills for the last years and, most important, will set priorities for the next planning period 2014-2020.   

E-Skills training, online assessment and certification activities will take place around Latvia – with participation of schools, libraries and adult education centres.

The second day, March 19th, will be devoted to the “My digital journey" topic.
Special activities for seniors and the introduction of new e-services for citizens & SMEs will be organized, and live internet broadcasts & demonstrations provided.  

March 20th will focus on the “My digital identity" theme, mostly involving audiences such as students and young people, entrepreneurs, and the economically active population who would like to learn more about digital media, digital identity and online application development.

Attention will be paid also to security, safety and identification in the digital environment.

On March 21th, ICT companies and other organizations will open their doors for the “ICT career days"
The aim of this activity is to promote the ICT profession among students aged 15-19.

The event will provide 9th to 12th grade students with an opportunity to discover the secrets of the ICT industry professions through attending ICT oriented companies and organizations.

Students, career consultants and teachers will be offered the opportunity to follow professionals like programmers, software testers, customer support specialists and high level managers, as well as to attend seminars to learn more about ICT career opportunities.

And March 22th will be the "Mobile Friday" when mobile applications and mobile internet will be promoted all over Latvia.

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